Charles Shoten

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:04

Charles Shoten

A poker biography of Charles Shoten.

Quick Information

Name - Charles Shoten

Born - In 1937, Bronx, New York, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Poker star Charles Shoten plays at the card table in the same fashion that he deals with life. He is an optimist who thinks keeping a positive outlook in life creates a whole lot of opportunities to win tournament table after every tournament table -- the way he did in 2003 when he bagged a spot on the Top Ten Poker Players list. No wonder, Shoten is piling up successful winnings in all aspects.

This 69-year-old big-time winner is formerly an insurance man who retired 16 years ago to make money in the card table. Shoten was born in the Bronx, New York, taught at the University of Alabama and is currently holding residency in Glendale, California. Quite clearly, Shoten is comfortable changing cities so it was never a problem when he has to tour around for poker tournaments. In fact, he was kind of enjoying it because it gives him the feeling of being a professional basketball player, playing in different cities every month.

Poker fans are no longer surprised how Shoten performs in the table soon as they learned that he started mastering the tricks at an early age of five. He went mainstream by the name Scotty Warbucks, afraid of being chased all the way home because of his big winnings. However, he let it slip in 2001 that Warbucks is, in real life, Charlie Shoten. For that reason and for the fact that he started playing No Limits Hold'em also in 2001 -- finishing in first place with a take-home prize of $3,000 on his initial game -- it sort of became a milestone year for Shoten.

2005 is another milestone year for Shoten when he released a book titled No Limit Life. It's a self-help to winning both in the game of poker and in the game of life, a non-traditional poker book that talks about using optimism, self-confidence, trust, and other positive attitudes to make good both in the card table and in the life table. Shoten believes that poker is actually a mind game and one needs to be psychologically healthy in order to master its twists and turns. In the same fashion, it takes a positive attitude to achieve happiness and fulfillment, two things that tells a person he is having a wonderful existence. For the most part of this wonderful book, Shoten is actually teaching how to have a successful life ahead. But poker fans need not be dismayed because No Limit Life covers such concerns as stacks, the table image, and playing a hand only, they are presented in a way that is philosophical because Shoten plays poker with this mindset. It was further explained when he said in a recent interview: "It's (poker) a Zen kind of thing, because becoming a better poker player is a question of self-mastery." He even explained that there is no significant difference between a wholesome person and a poker player with great skills. Indeed, the road that Shoten decided to trudge, which he also took to liberate himself, is the same path that helps him eliminate things that hinder him from enjoying life and fulfilling himself as an individual.

With such a mean record on the poker table, Shoten is indeed, an authority that all professional players wannabe should listen to.