Chip Jett

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:05

Chip Jett

A poker biography of Chip Jett.

Quick Information

Name - Chip Jett

Born - In September 22nd 1974, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Chip Jett is, in all sense of the word, a poker star. Donning an always slick 'do, Jett is a fixture in many large tournaments with hefty prize money where he obviously draw his fortune highlighted by a total winning of close to $2 million recorded as of last year. A big time player and a big time earner at that, Jett never fails to impress his fans bagging numerous citations from the most reliable tournament organizers in the industry.

32-year-old Jett is a native of Arizona born in the town of Scottsdale on September 22nd. He was working as a lifeguard when he discovered the lucrative opportunity presented by poker in his life. His earliest game was at the then newly-opened poker room at Fort McDowell Casino -- he was 18. Despite losing $40 in his initial game, Jett decided to shift careers and enrolled in a school specializing in poker dealing. Soon enough, he became a significant proposition player from merely being a poker dealer at the FortMcDowell Casino all the while preparing himself for the entry into the bigger league. Judging from the way he performed in professional poker tables, he has prepared himself well enough. A career highlighted by numerous awards and monstrous earnings are more than proofs to that.

A best all-around player award from Los Angeles Poker Classic in 2001 opened up the doors of stardom for Jett. The first tournament he won was at Foxwoods in the No-Limit Hold’em game and in the Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo. After that, Jett conquered the World Poker Tour, placing second on the first season and taking significant seats at the final table on the following ones after that. But wait, it's not only the World Poker Tour that showcased Jett's poker expertise. He has also been participating in other high stakes games eventually snatching Card Player Tournament's Player of the Year and Phil Hellmuth's Champion of the Year awards. Jett also proudly made it to the Poker Digest's cover and a page in Sports Illustrated magazine. He is the man to beat in the Seven-Card-Stud Hi-Lo, the Omaha Hi-Lo, the Seven-Card Stud, H.O.R.S.E, and the No Limit Hold’em games because of his fearless persona on the card table.

The handsome blond who is also a girl's guy is happily married to another pro poker player by the name Karina Jett. Professionals as they are, the Jetts faced each other at the final table on a London Open Event tournament in Old Billingsgate Market in 2005. The couple are currently residing at Las Vegas with their two kids, Athena and Apollo.

When not on the poker table, Jett is spending quality time with wife Karina, doing daddy duties to his two children, creating arts in wood, and reading Hunter S. Thompson's works. Apart from those, Jett also writes regularly for Card Player magazine. He and his wife has a joint question-and-answer column there in a he said/she said fashion.