Chip Reese

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Chip Reese

A poker biography of Chip Reese.

Quick Information

Name - Chip Reese

Born - In March 28th 1951, Dayton, Ohio, United States

Poker Room - Not Available

David Chip Reese, one successful poker player the world has known with a powerful knack for drawing pot money, was born and bred in Ohio, specifically in Daytona. His birthday falls on the 28th of March, 1951. Reese was a smart kid growing up, learning the beauty of card games at age six when he played poker at the expense of his very precious baseball cards and some lunch money. Good thing, Reese has a gift of winning and, years after showcased that by making it in the Poker Hall of Fame at 40 -- at an age considered as youngest in the field.

After high school, intelligent Reese went to Dartmouth University, choosing it over Harvard, with intents of earning a lawyer degree at Stanford University. On his way to Stanford, he made a quick stop in Las Vegas and gambled on his last $400. One Seven-Card Stud game after, which turned his $400 into $60,000, a quick decision was made: He's not pursuing his previous plan -- to be a lawyer. The reason is clear, a career in law can no way earn him the same amount he gets from poker. As the most recognized cash game player ever, Reese seems to be very right.

Since that lucky night in Vegas, it easily became home to Reese, where he made successful earnings at the card table and was soon a fixture in high stakes games playing with none other than Doyle Brunson, Lyle Berman, and Bobby Baldwin among others. That does not mean, however, that great Reese never faced setbacks. As he said, losing is as much important as winning because it makes a better poker player. Handling adversities, as it is in the actual life, is what truly matters after all. That's what probably made him among the top players of all time -- keeping a good head over his shoulder. Reese's pleasant attitude on the card table is the subject of envy. Regardless of the situation, he is able to keep his cool so whether he is winning or is down in the dumps, co-players would never throw bad impressions on Reese around.

Having a good emotional control is Reese's best instrument in winning huge cash game plays. He would gamble if he has to, but will act like a man, withdrawing when luck is not on his way. Experts say Reese is truly a topnotch poker player with a recorded $2 million earnings recorded on his second year of going mainstream. As a Seven-Card Stud expert, he generously shared the key to his success through Brunson's poker book Super System.

Aside from poker, Reese is also a significant persona in backgammon and in gin rummy. But he is settled now, putting his playing time aside to give way to nurturing a family of his own. Interestingly, Reese involved himself in sports betting to make up for his poker earnings without sacrificing much of his time for his wife and children. His poker abilities are continuously honed with regular games at the ultra-famous Bellagio Hotel.