Chris Bigler

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:10

Chris Bigler

A poker biography of Chris Bigler.

Quick Information

Name - Chris Bigler

Born - 11th feb 1949, Zurich, Switzerland

Poker Room - (Not Official)


In the exciting world of poker, there is not a person who is quite like Chris Bigler. This altruistic poker titan was a former business man before he became a professional poker player. Before he stepped into the colorful world of poker, Chris Bigler's world revolved around the World Wide Web, designing websites and working as an Internet business consultant. Now that he's a poker celebrity, Chris still designs websites for fellow poker pros while wishing for a war-free world.

A native of Zurich, Switzerland, Chris Bigler was born on February 11, 1949. His first exposure to poker was in 1997, while he was in a vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. While visiting the Horseshoe Casino, Chris chanced upon the World Series of Poker that was taking place there. At that time, poker was a sport that is entirely new to him. Almost instantly, he became curious over all the chips being tossed, the cards being dealt, and the suspenseful commotion happening over at the poker tables. Armed with a dog-hungry curiosity, Chris learned all he can about poker. He read numerous books written by poker masters like Doyle Brunson, Sklansky, and Caro. In time, Chris learned all he needed to know about the fascinating card game. He was ready for his shot at poker stardom.

Chris Bigler honed his poker-playing skills competing in various tournaments in Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris. Finally, his shot at becoming a poker pro came in December 1998 when he won his very first satellite tourney in Atlantic City. The following year in January, Chris won the Pot-Limit Hold'em tourney in Reno. That same year, Chris made it to the final table of the World Series of Poker $10,000 No-Limit Texas Hold'em main event, winding up in the fifth place with a walloping $212,420. With three impressive wins in just a span of two years, Chris' desire to hit it big in the big arena of televised poker became more intense.

With the poker limelight just within his reach, Chris sold his own business to focus more on becoming a poker professional in 2001. In May of the following year, Chris bested other competitors in the $10,000-seat at the Bellagio's Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Vegas. The win made him eligible to compete in the final table where he was the first one eliminated. This temporary setback did not deter Chris to continue his ambitions of becoming a true-blue poker champ. A few months after the Bellagio tourney, he became the second placer in the World Poker Tournament Chances Championship.

At present, Chris enjoys his million-dollar winnings in Baden, Switzerland with his wife and his only son, Roman. Aside from poker, Chris' other hobbies include skiing and traveling. He also likes classical music and his favorite bigwig is Henri Dunant, the founder of Red Cross. Chris is also an advocate of non-smoking poker rooms and of the abolishing of dealer abuse. His favorite games are No-Limit and Pot-Limit Texas Hold'em and his most respected poker players are Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, and TJ Cloutier. Chris was also the founder of and he can be found frequenting poker tables at Poker Stars.