Chris Jesus Ferguson

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:08

Chris Jesus Ferguson

A poker biography of Chris Jesus Ferguson.

Quick Information

Name - Chris Jesus Ferguson

Born - In 1963, Los Angeles, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker

Apart from an impressive resume as a professional poker player , Chris "Jesus" Ferguson keeps a mean record of becoming part of the design team that brought Full Tilt Poker, a poker website, in the scene. Obviously highly intelligent, Ferguson holds a significant PhD in Computer Science secured at the University of California, Los Angeles where his father is teaching game theory. He was playing poker ever since he was young, but only decided to get his game going in 1994 pitting his card skills against other professional players.

Ferguson's intelligence always comes into the play because he treats poker as a mind game and everytime he's on the table, he tries to get inside the head of his opponent, which gives him the signal on what moves to make next. He believes that intelligence is what brought him to where he is now. Ferguson made waves when he won World Series of Poker's No-Limit Hold'em Finals in 2000 against T.J. Cloutier, a senior pro poker player living in Texas. But wait, that's just one of the five WSOP championship Ferguson secured for himself over the years. The others are generously spread among poker games such as the Seven-Card Stud, the Omaha Hi-Lo, the Main Event, and the Mixed Games. He has also earned two consecutive runner-up places at Phil Hellmuth Jr.'s National Heads-Up Poker Championship, one in 2005 and another one this year.

One true sign of a poker champion is imagining himself always at the final game table. That's what Ferguson is, his most favorite place in the world is to be at the final card table where he will surely take no lower than second rank. Furthermore, Ferguson strengthens his play through constant learning of the actions, especially hand gestures, of other players. When not playing in biggie tournaments or at the comforts of his own online poker table at the card room, Ferguson is found in front of the computer doing his homework. His continuous cravings for poker lessons can be attributed to his long stay at school, spending 18 years of his life in UCLA, the first five as an undergrad and the next 13 as a PhD candidate. However, this insatiable thirst for learning amazingly turns Ferguson one of the top earners in poker, keeping a close to $6 million wealth that generally came from his card table winnings.

This 40 something poker pro is most recognized for his physical attributes, which earned him eventually the "Jesus" tag -- adorned with long hair under different cowboy hats, a full beard, and a pair of sunglasses. He was born and bred in California, specifically in the Pacific Palisades on April 11, 1963 but is now holding residence status in the city of stars, Los Angeles. Aside from playing poker, Ferguson busies himself with a computer software company while dancing swing on the side. Interestingly enough, Ferguson kept people startled first on the dance floor as a ballroom instructor before joining the lucrative world of poker. The other talent Ferguson possess is the amazing ability to cut carrots, bananas, pickles, watermelons, and melons in half through a single flick of one playing card. Impressive, huh!