Chris Karagulleyan

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 14:47

Chris Karagulleyan

A poker biography of Chris Karagulleyan.

Quick Information

Name - Chris Karagulleyan

Born - 1968, Beirut, Lebanon

Poker Room - Not Available


Beirut, Lebanon native Chris Karagulleyan has been very lucky since he decided to move in the West Coast in 1984. First, he was able to elude the ugly effects of the tragic civil war and second, he was able to secure a fruitful gambling career that he started honing in his hometown. Interestingly enough, Karagulleyan started playing in the table when the civil war errupted because the casino was where people bid away their time since they were all out of other things to do.

An entry to the Los Angeles playing circuit during high school, soon as his family migrated to the US, honed Karagulleyan's skills further, making money right off. In effect, he is currently holding two glazed World Poker Tour titles and a host of wealth earned from casino money. But unlike most poker legends in existence, Karagulleyan does not believe that winning equates to a good mathematical skill. For Karagulleyan, it takes more than possessing an outstanding mathematical mind to bag a pot; winning takes discipline, enough to discover that "there's enough fish out there."

But even with his newfound popularity and status as a player, Karagulleyan doesn't mind playing with novice poker gamblers. He would gladly sit with newbies for whatever it takes, bagging their money home at the end of the day. All these he learned by watching what other poker players do on their table, expert or not. Indeed, Karagulleyan loves learning from the mistakes and the strengths of other professional, more experienced players before him. He watches and observes endless games until he learns the basics of what mistakes other players commit during play as well as their good points. His diligence in studying poker, not to mention his seemingly discreet zeal in the game, makes him one of the best among the lot.

One of the more remarkable traits of this poker pro, who used to be a cab driver and a baker, is being utterly presentable on the poker table. Karagulleyan is often seen in poker rooms wearing a tie and a suit, thus giving off an air of confidence felt inside the room. But even with his assertive stance, Karagulleyan never gets excited with a big win or upset with a big loss. Whether lady luck is on his side or not, he graciously acts the same every time he sits to play. In fact, he is also well-known for having tutored friends to make good on the table, leading to their victories at the Los Angeles Poker Classic and earning Karagulleyan the tag 'Coach.' This kind of friendly attitude, combined with a serious demeanor, is what endeared Karagulleyan to other poker pros and fans alike.

But amongst these traits, what still tops it all off is Karagulleyan's excellent performance in any No Limit Hold'em game that he participates in. He can crack up, tie, and trap other players towards winning the final pot; that's how self-confident Karagulleyan is about his poker abilities. Indeed, he conveys to people around him that he knows he can do well and proves it. So up to this day, it is no surprise that current Glendale, California resident Karagulleyan is one seasoned player who, with confidence to boot, is not too easy to turn down nor defeat.