Christer Johansson

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:02

Christer Johansson

A poker biography of Christer Johansson.

Quick Information

Name - Christer Johansson

Born - 1971, Stockholm, Sweden

Poker Room - Not Available


The early poker victories came to Christer Johansson when he was just a young boy. At ten years old, no one would have really thought of loaning money from his father just to call on a bet. But with keen interest and fervent enthusiasm, even the innocence in young Chris was never thwarted his spirit and courage into gambling with his chances. In a 10-cent draw poker, he went against his uncle and his $50 raise for a bluff. He won the challenge and has soon learned the best lesson in life, that is, to always trust his instincts.

Born on July 30, 1971 in Stockholm, Christer Johansson was first an electrician by profession before he became a professional poker player. However, his gambling feat begun by playing the draw poker along with his loving family, until he mastered several other tricks in different poker plays that include the Texas Hold' Em event. Now based in Malmo, this Swedish player humbly laid the bricks and mortar of his poker career through practice. In fact, he believes that practice makes perfect and that even a pro can never get enough of it.

Lucky for Christer Johansson, even his firsts always prove to be a smashing success. It was just his first time to join the European World Series of Poker Trial and so he was considered a rookie or a neophyte. But, he surprised critics by winning the main event and making it to first place. It was during this time that Christer Johansson truly felt that he's finally ready to compete even among the best of live tournaments. In defeating "Rocky" Ross Boatman for the ATS 1, 000, 000 first prize challenge at the Vienna Festival in 2000, he went on with a streak of winning also for the World Series of Poker in 2002 where he cashed in through a couple of other events.

Up against tough poker contenders, Christer Johansson made his real breakthrough in 2003's WPT championship at Paris Aviation Club. The live tournament made him a real star after competing against a formidable roll of opponents like Jacques Durand, Allen Cunningham, Alain Hagege, and the famous Australian player Tony G. But, who would ever forget Christer Johansson's one-on-one with Claude Cohen? At the final table, Chris was leading with $832,000, while Claude merely has $30,000 all in chips. As daring and hopeful Claude Cohen could be, still, Christer Johansson was ready with a K-2. So even when his opponent went all in for the win, the Swedish poker star rose above their stiff rivalry. Christer Johansson became the WPT ACF No-Limit Hold'em champion. Meanwhile, in 2005, he was faced against Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen and Patrik Antonius for the final table of the second season of European Poker Tour Barcelona Open, where he made it to second spot. Johansson appeared also in other poker tournaments such as the William Hill Poker Grand Prix and the World Heads- Up Poker.

Now married and a father to a loving daughter, Christer Johansson shares his passion for playing with his wife Brigitta. Her support has always been an inspiration for this Swedish poker star, whose total tournament cash winnings now exceed $ 1, 000, 000. Among other things worth mentioning, Christer Johansson also runs his own sports betting unit in Sweden apart from being a self-confessed poker enthusiast. His ingredient for poker success-- great memory, courage, and patience.