Crandell Addington

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Crandell Addington

A poker biography of Crandell Addington.

Quick Information

Name - Crandell Addington

Born - 2nd June 1938, Graham, Texas, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


The colorful of world poker is reflected through the colorful life of Crandell Addington. Also called as Dandy due to his formal suits, Crandell Addington is among the known and respected players in the history of poker. The prestigious image of poker is believed to be not possible if it wasn't for this man.

The merciless old school poker games in the U.S. were played in Texas, and Addington ruled the field of poker playing in the said state. Addington gradually inched his course to the peak of poker playing in the 1960s. His benchmark was his first finish in the 1969 Texas Gamblers Convention held in Reno, Nevada. After that victory, Addington and his fellas founded the prominent World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Addington was making good in the final tables of WSOP in the 70s, and he was already earning millions of dollars during that period. Apart from being a genius poker player, Addington is also a successful businessman. He invested parts of his winnings or prizes in the oil trade, and he also ventured in the industry of real estate. Since he was making good money on his businesses, people concluded that poker playing was just Addington's hobby or passion.

However, whether or not poker was just a hobby for Addington, he surely had a great time playing. He reigned the poker league in the 1970s and struggled to find his path to WSOP Main Events. From 1972 to 1979, Crandell Addington made to the final tables of the events almost each year. Unfortunately, luck was just not on his side. He never became a champion, but he had remarkable finishes in every event. He almost ranked second in the competitions during that era. He was defeated by two grand poker players -- Johnny Moss in 1974 and Bobby Baldwin in 1978. Addington's losses were compensated by his WSOP Main Event finishes such as two fourth finishes in 1972 and 1976, and a third place in 1975.

Poker fanatics and other renowned players look up to Crandell Addington. Surpassing poker legends Johnny Moss and Doyle Brunson, Addington had an incredible poker record. In 1983, Addington won his eighth tenth finish making him the player who has the most final table finishes in WSOP Main Events.

Although Addington was very successful in the league, this No Limit Hold'em Legend quit playing after winning in the WSOP Main Event tenth finish in 1983. Proving that there is more to life than poker, Addington finished a degree in accounting and economics in Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He focused on managing his businesses, which range from booming chemical production to gas and oil exploration. The last time that Addington was seen in the WSOP scene was in 2005. He went to Las Vegas for his Poker Hall of Fame induction.

Crandell Addington may not be betting on the poker tables today, but he is risking his potentials and resources in making mankind's future better through the Phoenix Biotechnology. He is currently the president and CEO of the said research company, which focuses on developing medicines to fight cancer.