Craps Concepts

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:15

Craps Concepts

The dice game craps and how to take control.

Craps, formerly called crabs, is a kind of dice game played in a house or casino. This dice game is the simplified version of hazard, an Old English dice game. The history of craps can be traced back as early as the medieval period when crusades are deployed in different regions. Craps was commonly played by crusade soldiers who were assigned in various regions. The modern version of craps is attributed to an American named Bernard Xavier de Mandeville.

Craps can be played by one or more participants. They play against the house by rolling or throwing the craps dice. The player who throws the dice from his hands or from a cup is known as the shooter. So as to to win a craps game, a player should gain a 7 or an 11 dice result on the initial or first throw. A player loses his bet money if the first throw gets 12, 3, or 2.

Each craps participant has developed his own winning game's concept, which may also be called a system or approach. A person who wants to be a professional craps player and win the game still needs to read and learn each concept despite its limitations. One of these concepts is called craps hedging. This is an advanced technique or process of concealing a money bet with another bet. This will allow the player to win a small amount of money despite the incurred loss. Hedging allows one to get the bet he put at stake after a dice roll. This concept involves series of bet hedging, tracking of money bets, and computing probabilities.

When a player strategically hedges, he reduces the risk of his bankroll fluctuations. This means that when the craps participant has a greater probability of losing, he is lowering the risk of his bet while if he has a greater chance of winning, he is putting a much larger bet to win a bigger prize.

Another craps concept is the dice control or dice influencing, which was explained by many gambling experts like Chris Pawlicki, Frank Scoblete, Thom Morgan, and many others. According to this concept, a shooter can learn to throw or toss the craps dice to influence its result or the number it will give. Although this concept remains a controversial theory, there are still players who believe in its effectiveness. By applying the dice control concept, a player changes an apparent losing dice roll to a winning roll expectation. This method can also help a player choose a craps shooter who has the best chance a having a first throw of 11 or 7.

Aside from the concepts mentioned above, many craps and gambling players believe that there are no better craps concepts than the simple and basic approach. This basic concept states that a player should further trim down the edge and chance of the casino to will the roll. This can be done by choosing the best bet and trying to avoid and reject the bad bet. There are websites that offer the probability computation of the best and worst bets. Search for them and try to understand and apply them.