Craps Rules

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:07

Craps Rules

Craps table and gambling rules for playing the game.

In live games of craps, the crowd shows their excitement towards the game by yelling and acting like freaks around the table. If it is your first time to step into the world of live casino games, particularly craps, one piece of advice: do not be surprised. Expect this kind of scene again on your next visit. Indeed, even the combination of the words exciting and exhilarating is not enough to describe the feeling you will get from playing craps. The surge of thrill is so overwhelming that you just couldn't help but burst out or let go of your emotions. Rowdiness is a common and accepted behavior in playing live craps because it is a form of self-expression. Some newbies enjoy this, but there are people who can't help but feel annoyed.

The online craps playing environment is very different from live ones. You can still enjoy the thrills craps offer but only this time, you won't have to deal with an unpleasant surrounding. In playing online, you will get those big winnings with just a few clicks away and you can also get a bit rowdy without annoying anybody just because you are at the comfort of your own home.

This fast-paced game reserves a room for a little consideration for others. There are certain rules applied to live craps that pave way for utmost enjoyment reserved for casino games enthusiasts. In live games, casino administration strictly implements and observes rules because fights and misunderstandings can arise from failure to respect those established codes of conduct during craps games. To avoid being involved in a craps game-related altercation, it is necessary to religiously follow the given rules. In the virtual world of craps, there are no fussy rules to bear with. All are controlled by a sophisticated computer system that is routinely checked by the proper authorities so as to avoid fraudulent results.

No Dice, No Hassles

The pair of dice you have seen thrown out haphazardly on the craps table in live games are not the same dice you see in children's game boards. craps dice undergo serious scrutiny and are periodically replaced to expel any kind of suspicions to the credibility of the game. Every casino has set specific standards on how a player should hold and toss the craps dice.

The shooter, or the player who is assigned to roll the craps dice, must hold and roll the dice with one hand only. This means that you can use either your right hand or your left hand, but they won't allow you to work with the dice using both hands. In tossing the dice on the table, make sure they hit the end barrier on the opposite table. That means you have to put extra force in shooting those dice. In case the dice rolled out of the table and hit the floor, the only person who can put them back on the craps table is the crew from the casino called the Stickman. The Stickman then inspects the dice for any form of damage. He is also the person responsible in determining whether the dice are fit for the succeeding rounds.

Never touch the dice even if they arrived at a place where you can easily grab and put them back to the table. This is considered very unethical and many players like you will feel offended and violated.

If The Chips Were Hit...

You may wonder, what if the stack of chips were bumped off by the tossed craps dice and eventually, some chips went outside the betting area? This will result to a reduced amount of money you are playing in that particular round. You can not put the chips back until the dice showed the roll results and the payouts have been handled.

Live Games Vs. On-line Games: The Verdict

For people who abhor meeting hassles in their quest of getting the most out of their craps playing, then they should choose playing online craps. No real dice to roll, no real chips to play. Only real excitement and real money waiting to be bagged.