Craps Strategy

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:16

Craps Strategy

Playing craps betting and gambling winning strategy.

Craps is one of the most challenging games ever created in the casino world. This is because there can be no single known trick that you can actually use to ensure your win in a game. Aside from this, there are also no guarantee that craps strategies can definitely work for your advantage because your game's future depends on your roll of the dice.

However, there is really nothing to lose if you practice some of the game tips that you can read from books or other online sources. Majority of these are about betting systems. Since craps is known as a casino dice game and a game of probabilities, it is important that you do not depend solely on strategies that you learn. You must also take into consideration that the end result of the game greatly depends on the dice.

The following are the three best craps strategies that you can adopt in your game:

1. Advance your bet strategy.

Betting is one of the most important aspects of playing craps. Aside from the fact that no one in the craps table can actually determine the outcome of dice rolls. the bets made by each player add excitement to the game. One of the top craps strategies is to improve the bets that you make in the game.

The best type of bet that you can actually make is the odds betting because it may increase your chances of winning. The odds bet is also considered as one of the excellent ways to enhance your craps game because the more you increase your odds bets, the more you decreased the house edge.

2. Know all types of bets.

In craps, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the different types of bets along with the different terminologies. That is why it is important that you know these different classifications because these can serve as your craps strategies.

The following are the different types of craps bets: the pass/don't pass bets, the come bet, and the pass/ don't pass odds bet.

However, there are a lot of casinos that do not provide a section for odds bet in a craps table. This particular type of bet is actually the one that can really work for your advantage. The odds bet works as an additional gamble that you wager with your Pass/Don't Pass bet after you make a come-out roll. This can be considered as one your top craps strategies.

Moreover, the odds bets then decrease the house edge, depending on the type of odds bet that you make. Typically, odds bets lower the edge by as mush as 40 percent. However, not all casinos are good enough to notify the players about various betting systems.

3. Practice your dice control skills

It may seem unbelievable but there is such thing as dice controlling skills that include rhythmic rolling and precision shooting. In fact, there are eight known methods on how to control the dice in a craps game.