Craps System

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:18

Craps System

Winning craps gambling and betting system.

For sure, you have heard people talking about the best craps system ever devised or the most effective money-raking craps system. But the question is, is there really such a thing as THE ultimate craps system? Well, this article won't answer that, but this will provide you with some of the most widely used craps systems that you may want to try the next time you visit the nearest casino or the online craps website of your choice. Here's a quick rundown:

1. CPR (Collect, Press, Regress).
This system works pretty easy. Let's say you bet $6 on the number six. On the first hit, you collect $7. Although the shooter may hit a seven, you are assured of a $1 profit. Simply press your bet on the second. Dealer puts $6 to your place bet and and gives you back $1. You now gain
 $2. You then regress on the next hit. Dealer gives you $20 and assures you of $22, come what may. The process maybe repeated as long as you want the same results.

2. Hedge.
Here, begin with a $10 pass bet. Place $6 on numbers six and eight after the come out roll for a meager $12 cost. Place the first hit money on either of the place numbers. Should the shooter sevens out, you lose $12. Do the math and you will realize that you have already gained $5. The next time your place bet hits, put $5 on number five and another $5 on the nine the third time. Simply get the profits on your place bets from this point on. Just ride out the place bets when a shooter makes his point. If he throws a seven or 11, quit on him. Quit or look for another table when you lose on three shooters thrice.

3. Martingale.
Begin with one dollar bet. If you lose, double it. Continue doubling your bet each time you lose. Whenever you win, your net will be $1. The loophole of this system, however, is that the house limits cannot support this all throughout as most roulette tables have a limit on the amount of bet it could accommodate, thus, barring you from betting above the set limit. If you don't lose 8 times in succession, you are assured of a dollar win after another. You can alter your betting pattern like increasing it whenever you win. You may also try to wait for the first instances of losses without betting. The decision is really up to you.

4. Seldeen Craps.
This system uses a place bet where you put your money on a certain number. You win if it comes up and lose if it's a seven. It also employs a second bet called a field. Here, you lose on a five, six, seven, and eight, but win on two, three, four, nine, 10, 11, and 12 (pays double on two and 12). The process involves putting $1 in the field and $2 on five, six, and eight place bets ensuring, minus the number seven, that all other numbers win $1.

5. Oscar's Grind Craps.
Named after an infamous gambler in the 1950s, this system let's you bet one unit, bank profit, and bet once more with the same unit. If your initial bet loses, bet another with one unit. If you win, just add one unit to your next bet.

There are other systems, concepts, and strategies like the Patience or Watching, Hot and Cold, Place Betting, or the Right and Wrong Way. It is your prerogative, of course, to choose from these options. Simply keep in mind that no single system is an absolute assurance of you winning large bucks every time you sit at a craps table. Winning is definitely a matter of luck and strategy and that all-important turnout of the casino dice.