Craps Tips

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:14

Craps Tips

A look on craps playing tips.

A loser or a winner.

This is what you can become with every throw of dice in playing craps. Considered as a game of probability, craps is a dice game that requires a lot of risk and luck.

Moreover, the types of bets that are allowed in every round add a lot of spice in this very exciting casino game. Craps players are allowed to make different bets for a particular round or series, thus, make betting as the life of every game.

Meanwhile, there are strategies that are widely available to all players and even enthusiasts. Furthermore, the list below are the top three tips for those who want to win and make the most of their craps experience:

1. Understand the game.
The first best tip for you to win in craps is to learn and understand the different terms that are being used for this game. Without understanding the rules and jargons, you will not be able to play the game well.

Furthermore, craps rules and terms are very easy to understand. With the help of several kinds of resources like software programs, you will find it very simple and exciting.

To better understand craps, what you can do is to practice playing the game by accessing online versions that offer free games. When you experience how is it like to play craps, you will also know when and how to apply the rules and the types of bets that you have learned.

2. Master the recommended bets.
After you learn the basic rules and the types of bets, what you can do next is to carefully study the bets that can increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

Among the several kinds of bets, the Odds and the Pass Line bets are considered by craps veterans as the recommended wagers. The Pass Line bets are made, assuming that a seven or 11 will turn out in a come-out roll, which refers to the initial throw of the dice in a round. Among the possible numbers that can come up in a single throw of dice, the number seven has the most chance of appearing, with 16 percent probability.

Meanwhile, the odds bets refer to the additional bets that a player made together with other bets like the Pass Line. An odd bet is often considered by craps veterans as an intelligent wager because the casino has less than one percent edge on your bet.

3. Observe and play your best.
Although craps seems quite complicated because of the variations of bets, it is essential that you constantly try to observe other players- the way they throw the dice and how and when they make their bets. This can really help you advance your chance.

Apart from observation, you should always give your best shot in every craps game even though it is merely a game of chances. You can do this by carefully deciding on where to place your bets. However, the most important thing is to learn how to control your finances.