Credit Cards

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:53

Credit Cards

Online casino and poker accepted by credit cards.

MasterCard and Visa are the most extensively used credit cards worldwide. They also offer the most number of payment solution options for their clients. For prospective and active MasterCard account holders, there is the Debit MasterCard, MasterCard gift and prepaid card, World MasterCard, and MasterCard PayPass. There are three types of Debit MasterCards available: the Standard, the Gold Card, and the Platinum Card. The Standard Card is the entry-level Debit MasterCard that offers the usual global-wide acceptance for all MasterCard holders. Visa account holders can also avail themselves of credit card-related and other card services as well. It has the Visa Check Card, Visa Prepaid Cards (Visa Gift, Visa Buxx, Visa TravelMoney, Visa Payroll, and Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card), and Visa Contactless.

Aside from being the most recognized credit cards in the world of business, Visa, MasterCard, and their affiliate credit cards like Visa Debit and Gold MasterCard are also considered as major payment solutions in online gaming. feature several sites that use Visa and MasterCard as part of their payment options. Among the many websites that accept Visa and MasterCard are premier gambling sites like Casino Tropez, Party Gammon, and Canbet Poker. Online gamblers can use their Visa or MasterCard to open their gaming accounts and facilitate financial transactions in these websites. Although most of these gaming sites require minimum deposit amounts before activating a player's account, this is a standard procedure in all gaming websites.

Casino Tropez for one, requires a minimum deposit of $20 from prospective players before commencing play. A player only needs to charge $20 from his Visa or MasterCard account for his Casino Tropez account to enjoy all the benefits and games the casino has to offer. Since the casino has links to the Visa and MasterCard website, the transfer of funds is automatic, fast, and instant. This is especially good for players who want to start playing immediately; their accounts are updated automatically and the new balance immediately reflects any charges they made. Also, interest rates are minimal and well worth the type of service provided by Visa, MasterCard, and their affiliate credit cards.    

Of course, an online gaming experience would not be complete without some poker action. As one of the current favorites in the online poker industry, Canbet Poker guarantees its clients of fast money transfer and hassle-free deposits using credit cards affiliated with Visa and MasterCard. Opening an account requires a minimum amount but Players can choose among the different poker variations and limits available and start raising the stakes soon after registration. For wagers, players can transfer funds using their Visa, MasterCard, or any other related credit card. Fund transfers are fuss-free as Canbet Poker, together with Visa and MasterCard, allows fund transfer and deposit through online transactions and even phone calls.    

Indeed, Visa, MasterCard, and their affiliate credit cards make online gaming easier by facilitating fund transfer. When playing at the many gaming sites featured in, online gamblers would be wise to have their Visa or MasterCard handy. Just like in the real world, almost everybody accepts them in the Internet.