Cryptologic Software

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 19:08

Cryptologic Software

Online casino by cryptologic.

Cryptologic Software
Cryptologic software is managed by Cryptologic which is an online gaming software provider and developer based in Canada. Several of the popular games that are being backed-up by Cryptologic software are Internet Poker, Bejeweled Slots, and the Hulk Slots which is based on the famous "Hulk" character.

The services offered by Cryptologic include a variety of exciting online casino games, reliable payout systems, and gaming software that are fairly easy to access. Players just need to access the software program by visiting any online casino site that uses Cryptologic to download it. In some sites that are supported by Cryptologic, a version can be accessed without actually downloading the software program.

The Cryptologic software is also the brains behind the popular Marvel comics themed-slots and other exciting casino games. The basic rules behind each game supported by Cryptologic software are usually based on actual casinos located in Atlantic City. This software program also offers a special game wherein customers are given the chance to crack a code of a safe. If the customer gets all the numbers right, he may win cash prizes.

The usual games that are backed up by Cryptologic software are video slots, video poker, roulette, red dog, craps, blackjack, Pai Gow poker, and other thrilling casino games. They may have different versions when compared to games developed by other software providers but the basic rules are almost the same. The differences may be seen in the house advantage, bonus deals or rounds, gaming interface, and payout rules. Since each software provider creates a somewhat different version of a casino game, a player's strategy and betting system maybe affected by the kind of software used by a specific gaming site.

The payout system of games using Cryptologic software are easy to manage and understand. All sites that use this software program also offer a customer service staff consisting of well-trained and knowledgeable agents. Any issues or problems concerning the software program can be addressed by the support staff.

The rules of any casino game backed-up by Cryptologic software are easy to comprehend even though the player is only a beginner. The gaming interface created by Cryptologic is realistic and smooth, along with its high-tech visual and sound effects.

An interesting characteristic of the Cryptologic software is its version of the video poker. As it is seen in its game entitled "Bonus Video Poker", a player could earn a bonus when he gets the same card he discarded before from the deck. The discarded cards are also placed at the last part of the deck, giving a new twist for players and poker enthusiasts.

The Cryptologic software is also an award-winning one, having gained several recognitions from and from the Gambling Online Magazine. This reputation can also be proven through a hands-on experience of Cryptologic's professionalism and standard-regulated gaming policies. As such, this software definitely provides a unique gaming experience for many casino enthusiasts because of its innovative programs and online versions.