Cyndy Violette

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:06

Cyndy Violette

A poker biography of Cyndy Violette.

Quick Information

Name - Cyndy Violette

Born - 19th aug 1959, Queens, New York, United States

Poker Room - Doyles Room


Unlike the typical casino gambler that enters in most folks' minds whenever they see female players in the poker table, known big time female poker player Cyndy Violette stands out with her tough and professional skills in playing poker games and tourneys. Cyndy is truly a hardcore poker pro and genius who has been playing the game for most of her life. A bonafide "World Series of Poker champion bracelet winner", Cyndy is lucky to be one of the few women who has been given the talent of playing poker long before she knew she had the guts to do so.

Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, Cyndy's first experience in playing poker started in the 1980s. Cyndy was working as a blackjack dealer in Horseshoe Casino when she first played poker at Silver Slipper for a $1/$3 stud game. From a mere blackjack dealer, Cyndy instantly turned into a dedicated poker player after her first poker escapade at Silver Slipper. Cyndy also became interested in Hold'em and her first try with the game was at Holiday Casino for a $1/$4 game.

Upon realizing her uncanny skills in meddling with poker games, Cyndy decided to work as a poker dealer at the Four Queens. In 1984, she joined the Amarilo Slim's Super Bowl of Poker in Lake Tahoe. At that moment, Cyndy realized that she was practically good enough to play as a pro player and had decided to make poker as her regular job.

With her innate passion for playing poker, Cyndy keeps a house near Atlantic City so she can play at the casinos, and she is also an avid visitor to Las Vegas' top casino destinations. After winning $75,000 in the Golden Nugget's competition in 1985 as well as other titles and cash prizes in numerous poker game tournaments, Cyndy's name became widely known in the world of international poker games.

Moreover, Cyndy's game is highly regarded for its great combination of perceptiveness, experience, and affability. With these strong qualities, she is acclaimed as one of the most in demand female poker players in today's popular tours. Cyndy's experience as a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas honed her ability to predict and read other players' strategies at the poker table. She definitely knows her cards well and she uses it for her game advantage.

Being in the list of one of the most famous female poker players today does not bother Cyndy at all. She believes that serious concentration and spirituality are her best shots in winning every poker game. Also known as one of the most spiritual poker player in field, Cyndy keeps a healthy lifestyle and maintains her mind and body in good shape.

Currently a single-parent to her beautiful daughter, Cyndy also enjoys reading spiritual enhancement and self realization books. Her passion in exploring the metaphysical phase of life really helps her improve her performance at the poker table. As more skilled female players enter the international poker arena, Cyndy's name will always be remembered for her strong sense of visualization and positive thinking in playing the game.