Dallas Stars

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The Dallas Stars: History of the Team

Information about the NHL team Dallas Stars.

The Dallas Stars are a team in the National Hockey league based in Dallas, Texas. They are also the member team players of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the NHL or National Hockey League. The name of their team was not the same at the very beginning of their existence because it changed through the events of their existence in the League. The team was first known as the Minnesota North Stars in 1967 before the changes took place. It is very interesting to note the facts and figures as to why and how the name of the team was changed and how the team gave enjoyment to the people who, through their play, made the games really well known. The Dallas Stars have also, from the time they were conceived, been known as one of the most well known hockey teams in the world as of the moment. Like in the other team players especially in hockey games, the Dallas Stars had their own unique history, and these happenings are listed in chronological order below.

1967 - Present

The Minnesota North Stars, known today as the Dallas Stars, were founded in 1967. They got hold of their old name as part of the National Hockey League's six-team expansion. Their first ever home games were played at the then newly built sport center or the Met Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. At first, they were initially successful both on the ice rink and at the gates. However, the team became victims of economic problems after the impoverished season came forth, which affected almost all of the people in their area, including athletes, in the mid-1970s. Fortunately, through the years gone by, the uniqueness of the styles of the North Stars team was seen by the other personalities who then took hold and helped the team financially and morally.

During the past years, the Minnesota North Stars were purchased by the owners of the Cleveland Barons in 1978. The Cleveland Barons were formerly known as the California Golden Seals, the Gund Brothers, made popular by the names Gordon and George III. The dwindling franchises of the two brought about their merger by the National Hockey League which led to retaining the name of the Minnesota North Stars, on the condition that they assumed the Barons' place in the Adams Division.

The merger of the players' teams brought forth the talented players which led to the revival of the stars and making the Stanley Cup finals in 1981. However, they lost then the five games against the New York Islanders.

Many things had happened after 1981 to the history of the North team. These included the problems of the arena, where they could have the attendance and security to have the games. This led the ownership to request for the permission to move to San Francisco in 1990. However, this was rejected by the National Hockey League. Instead, they agreed to award the expansion franchise, the San Jose Sharks, to the owner of the team. These things, in turn, brought about the selling of the North team to other investors who looked to a place for them in San Jose. The North team was sold and bought by the investor who wished to bring about the downfall of other players in San Jose. One of the group's members, Norman Green, had eventually mustered control over the team and through the succeeding season, the Minnesota North Stars finally made the Stanley Cup finals, only to lose to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Many things had happened after 1990 that led to the changes of the name of the team.

After three years from 1990, the Minnesota North Stars made the changes of their team's name when the controller of the team, Norman Green, obtained the permission to move the team to the reunion arena in Dallas, Texas. The bitterness that ensued as per the personalities among the members as well as the controversies made Green to take action. The National Hockey League promised to the fans of the Minnesota team to bring it back to franchise in the future, which was then fulfilled in the year 2000 when the Minnesota team was awarded with the Minnesota Wild as an expansion franchise. In the succeeding years, the team played in the 1994 playoffs, where they lost to the Cinderella-Story Vancouver Canucks and which led Green to sell the team to Tom Hicks. This time, the team got their victory, which went through the succeeding years.

The Stars won the franchises first in the Stanley Cup in 1999 against the Buffalo Sabres in six games. In the 2000 Cup finals, the Dallas team returned but lost against the New Jersey Devils. They moved to their new arena, the American Airlines Center the following year. During their adjustment in the new arena, the Dallas Stars disregarded their initial reservations about their relocation in Texas. They even enjoyed their success both on and off the ice. They have won two Presidents' Trophies, having been hailed as the team who had the best over-all regular season record. They also won the seven division titles and two Western Conference titles in the past ten seasons. This time, the success of the Dallas team was met through the couple of years when they included in the team with the most points, what with their links with the Detroit Red Wings and the New Jersey Devils.

Through the years gone by, the Dallas team underwent many changes, mostly during the summer of 2006. This is because the former Stars goalkeeper Andy Moog met his promotion to become an Assistant General Manager for player development and he kept his job as goal tending coach, while former player Ulf Dahlen became the assistant coach. The three stars included center Jason Arnott, Defenseman Willie Mitchell and Goaltender Johan Hedberg. Kapanen, who was the forward, was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers and the remaining years on Right-winger Bill Guerin's contract were bought out then. The young goal tender Mike Smith was promoted to the National Hockey League to serve as Marty Turco's backup. The stars received Patrick Stefan and Jaroslav Modry in the Atlanta trade and signed Eric Lindros, Jeff Halpern, Matthew Barnaby and Darryl Sydor as free agents. Prior to this year, Brenden Morrow was announced as the new captain of the team, taking from Mike Modano who had served since 2003 and with Lehtinen noted as the last Minnesota North Stars still with the franchise.

Many things had changed after the reshuffle of the team, and the most interesting things to be considered are the things that the team used such as uniforms, colors, venues and more. They used the Stars Logo Jersey in their entire life, just like in their home base and even during games away from the home-ice. The old shirt changed in 2007 to Rbk Edge Jerseys. There was also the logo in the shoulders and in the following year, the white color which has the same design with the black, was released.

The arenas they used were at first the Reunion Arena, which can accommodate 17,001. In time, they moved to the much wider and better American Airlines Center. This was in 2001. The American Airlines Center can accommodate 18,500.

The Stars became well known in the place and sometimes in the other places in which they gave the remarkably inspiration while they were playing on the ice. Their games were also broadcast in radio and also in television where people can watch their fight. Their website also gets many hits in a day.