Dan Harrington

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:14

Dan Harrington

A poker biography of Dan Harrington.

Quick Information

Name - Dan Harrington

Born - 1945, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Multi-talented - this word best describes Dan Harrington of Santa Monica, California. A native of Cambridge, Massachusetts and a graduate of Suffolk University, this 61-year old World Poker Champion is a former lawyer. Aside from his professional degree, he is also a member of the 'Mission Impossible' team. The 'Mission Impossible' team was responsible for calculating roulette odds on the MIT model using mathematical formulas. The team also played with an odd of 40% in each spin. All the more, the team stopped playing when they accepted an offer from Atlantic City's Sands Casino, a proposal they definitely could not refuse.

However, before making a name in the Poker World, Dan already had an appellation in the world of chess and backgammon. He was a backgammon and chess champion. He claimed the Massachusetts State Chess Championship in 1971, and the World Cup of Backgammon Championship in 1980.

Unlike most players who quit their jobs, Dan Harrington is still active in the world of business despite his success in the poker world. He has a company called the Anchor Loan. The company provides loans particularly for poker professionals. Customers in the past include Steve Pollock and Jeff Lipman. Dan once stated that in over 2,000 loans they have handled, none had ever lost their money. Furthermore, aside from his loan business, the smart man has been active in real estate and stock market as well. In fact, he finds some resemblance between poker and business. He mentioned before that winning is not always 100%. Doing something enough is important to remain in the game so you could keep on playing.

In 2004, Dan Harrington bagged the World of Series of Poker (WSOP) Champion title together with $1.5 million. Before that game, he played heads-up against Howard Goldfarb in the 1995 WSOP where he eventually win the event. By the time the tournament director showed the million dollar and gold bracelet, he already knew that Dan will win, for he stroke the money while his opponent just looked up at the bracelet. Dan was up to the money and not for the glory. But none could be so lucky than him for he was able to keep both, not just once.

As a pro poker player, Dan believes that in order to win, one must have the control over the game. Discipline is an essential character that every player must possess so as to keep the losses always down; and not to let inevitable defeats affect the play. Moreover, because of his amazing survival skill, Dan is very much respected in the world of poker today. In addition, as some analyst would define his best game, it would be on no-limit hold'em tournaments. But he is also doing good on other events.

Nevertheless, Dan is also known for being so thrifty that he is unwilling to bet a large amount of money. Moreover, what amazes others is Dan's mission of locating the cheapest restaurant in every new place he would be playing despite his very well financial status. Well, as he mentioned before, "Character makes the whole difference."