Danny Nguyen

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:17

Danny Nguyen

A poker biography of Danny Nguyen.

Quick Information

Name - Danny Nguyen

Born - Vietnam

Poker Room - Not Available


Patience, luck, and smile. These are the lucky charms Vietnamese-born Danny Nguyen credits every time he hits a jackpot in the poker table. Patience, because his skills in dealing with other players' gameplays came from his experiences as a poker dealer; luck because his biggest pot prize of $1 million was said to be a miracle; and lastly, smile because Danny never takes things seriously even if he does not win his games.

Currently residing in San Jose, California, Danny's stint in the world of casino is considered a perfect example of a skilled and well-off professional poker player that started out from rags and sordid life challenges. Danny was only a poker dealer at San Francisco Bay Area's Garden City Casino when he first realized that he was actually good at playing the game. He then joined and luckily won the Bay 101 Shootout in WPT Season Three with a $10,000 buy-in attempt.

After several years of working as a poker dealer, Danny became an instant millionaire after his big win in the World Poker Tour's Shooting Star Tournament at Bay 101 Casino. Danny's successful win over the event paved way to considering his play as one of the luckiest game attempts in the international poker arena. Aside from the prize money and the title, Danny was also able to play against Hollywood celebrities such as Tobey Maguire and James Woods as well as some poker icons like Greg Raymer and Chris Ferguson.

Moreover, Danny continuously plays as a professional poker enthusiast and still joins various international poker tournaments after his huge success in the WPT poker competition. He learns more from every tourney, and he is not among typical casino gamblers who do not know how to learn from their mistakes. He still practices his old habit of observing and picking up game strategies from players to improve his gameplay and skills.

On the other hand, other players in the poker field admire Danny's aggressive and fearless game stunts in the poker table. This is because he instantly knows the play tendencies and tactics of other players and he is good at playing all his chips anytime during the game.

Now, Danny is currently living in his fine house in San Jose, California with his four children. Despite his busy schedule from various poker tournaments, Danny always finds time to spend quality moment with his family in his breaks from the poker games.

With Danny's competitive attitude and enthusiasm in playing poker games, he is regarded as one of the prime players in the casino poker arena. Although some of his peers say that his big break at WPT was just mere luck with no skill, Danny's quick learning capabilities and assured game stunts in the table are among the traits that are usually lacking in most poker players these days. Indeed, Danny Nguyen's story in the history of international poker industry is truly a perfect picture of a rich and determined poker player that started from literally nothing but passion for the game.