Dario Minieri

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:23

Dario Minieri

A poker biography of Dario Minieri.

Quick Information

Name - Dario Minieri

Born - Rome, Italy

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - Dariominieri


Dario Minieri used to play in Magic the Gathering tournaments. He traveled all over the world and won against several of the best Magic players around. He got so busy with Magic tournaments that he even had to put off plans to study psychology in college. It turned out that this was just the start for Minieri. As soon as he shifted to playing poker, his tournament travels and schedule got even busier.

Minieri was introduced to poker and to the online poker site PokerStars by a friend. Turning to poker seemed to be a common progression among those who played Magic cards. Magic was a game of strategy and chance. Each player configured his or her own deck based on the desired strategy as well as “powers.” It was likewise a game of chance because a player wouldn’t know what cards he or she will be dealt, and what kind of deck and configurations the other players have.

Poker has the same elements of chance and strategy. At the same time, there were more tournaments for poker, more live and online venues, and, of course, bigger pot winnings. Minieri was a natural at poker.

Minieri played Sit & Go at first. Here, he won a good amount of money. According to him, the most significant of this was winning $12,000 from a $10 rebuy. At this point, he realized his huge earning and enjoyment potential in professional poker.

Since then, he has been a regular at online poker games. Minieri joined online games so often that he even gained enough Frequent Player Points from PokerStars to buy himself a Porsche. Online, he played different games with different cash stakes. By December of 2007, he won massively in one day playing online. He earned $155,000 through three online tournaments. He is now a member of the Team PokerStars Pro. Online, he is known as “Dariominieri.”

Minieri has also graced live poker circuits. He joined the World Series Main Event for the first time in 2006 and won a significant amount of money. He joined again a year later, this time landing the 96th slot and winning $67,353. Minieri finally won big during the WSOP in 2008, where, out of about 1,011 players, he placed first. He took home $528,418 as cash prize as well as his first bracelet for the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed event. He’s been to the European Poker Tour also. For Season 2’s grand finals, he placed 22nd and pocketed $20,235. And then again, in the European Poker Tour’s Season 3, he placed third and brought home an amazing $159,763. This, however, would not be comparable to his winnings at the San Remo leg of the European Poker Tour. In San Remo, he won $451,532 when he finished in the top three. This is really not bad for a former Magic player.

Away from the poker tables, Minieri likes to play soccer and watch movies. He always tries to spare some time for these hobbies. Likewise, he really loves his Porsche and tries to drive around with it whenever he can.