David Benyamine

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:14

David Benyamine

A poker biography of David Benyamine.

Quick Information

Name - David Benyamine

Born - 1972, France

Poker Room - Mansion Poker


A resident of Paris, David Benyamine is France's top poker player and moneymaker who earned a total of 649, 940 Euros for 2004 only. A professional tennis player back in his hometown of Southern France, is one guy who believes in playing and doing your best to win. A rising tennis star, his tennis career was rudely interrupted when he suffered from a back injury and was advised to stop playing. But tennis' loss is poker's gain as David took interest in poker playing. Although not always a poker player, David still maintained his no-superstition stance and insisted on learning poker without the help of books and tips. Chance smiled upon this once-tennis star when a friend who works in a poker club invited him over to play. The rest, as they say, is poker history.

David quickly became one of Europe's top poker players. Slated to play regularly at the Aviation Club in his hometown, David is also known for his intensity at the table. Spectators who will visit and watch the poker games at this poker hot spot would surely be in for a treat. Not only will they experience firsthand the pleasure of staying in Europe's finest poker destination, they will also be treated to an excellent display of skill and poker wit courtesy of Benyamine. He may be gregarious on the outside, but Benyamine has shown time and again a cunning and calculating nature when he's on a roll. His appearances on televised tournaments like the 2003 Grand Prix de Paris are proof enough. In these tournaments David displayed a good show of confidence and wit, earning himself a nifty sum of 357, 800 Euros. He was able to maintain his composure and cool while playing heads-up against Jan Boubli himself, another tough poker player.

As a serious and dedicated poker player, David had set a goal for himself- that is winning the WSOP or World Series Of Poker bracelet. Others may define David as an aggressive player, still, he deeply respects proper poker table manner. He once said in an interview that he loves to see well-mannered players because it is such fun playing with a pleasant atmosphere. David also added that penalties must be imposed to ensure that players realize the importance of appropriate poker table manners.

Included in David's most-loved games list are Omaha and Hold'em, for these two have managed to put him in the ladder of success. On the other hand, despite his successful poker career, David knew how to be humble. With regards to his swift progress in the world of poker, he admitted his secret to be his unyielding desire to make himself better.

Today, as some poker player analysts would describe him, David is a very good in betting and bluffing as well as good making lay-downs. David has proven that he is ready for much bigger tournaments and his skill honed during his stay in France. Poker fans must not be surprised when one day, the name David Benyamine is finally included in the list of WSOP champion.