David Chiu

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:15

David Chiu

A poker biography of David Chiu.

Quick Information

Name - David Chiu

Born - China

Poker Room - Not Available


Due to a childhood mishap, David Chiu acquired his unique ability that made him the man he is right now- a world poker champion. Born and raised in China, David began playing poker at home when he arrived in the United States. He was once a poker dealer, and has his own restaurant before he focused on playing poker and won several tournaments.

Now a resident of Roland Heights, California, David won his first tournament championship in 1999 at Orleans Casino in the city of Las Vegas. His triumph assured him a place among the world's top poker players. David also took home $214, 542 from his first win and since then had won several gold bracelets, and a nifty sum. He now holds three World Series Of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelets and two state championships under his name.

What makes David famous and what sets him apart from other players is his exceptional ability in reading his opponents. He disclosed that his secret lies on concentration, which is a God-given gift to him. David knows how to pay attention to his opponents' reactions, how they look at their cards, and even the way they shove their chips into the pot. He compares his ways to Sherlock Holmes way of fathoming murder secrets. He admitted using all the clues and information he could use to find out what his opponents have. He described his way as more of deductive reasoning. But as he admitted, it was not always correct, because if so, he would already be a billionaire.

But what most people do not know is that David's ability to concentrate and read other players is a result of an accident that happened back in China. As a kid, he used to swim a lot until the water damaged his eardrums. As a result, he lost almost 35% of his hearing. He needed to prick up his ears and concentrate to understand what other people are saying. Experience also taught him a thing or two about reading people. He was a poker dealer at Glipin Hotel in Black Hawk before that is why he was able to observe the way other players respond to the cards they were holding. What David really did is turned his feebleness into his playing strength.

A successful poker career means not only fame and money, but also being able to meet and greet different people. Through the course of his poker career, David had met and played with several famous poker players and celebrity poker players such as Ben Affleck, Rene Angelil (Celine Dion's husband and manager), Jerry Buss, and Larry Flynt.

But despite his poker earnings amounting to millions of dollar, David still carries with him a worry. Although he is now relishing a successful poker career David knows that his pure-blooded Chinese parents would never approved his chosen path. Both of his parents are dead, but he is certain that if they were alive, they would probably disown him upon knowing his profession.