David Colclough

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:17

David Colclough

A poker biography of David Colclough.

Quick Information

Name - David Colclough

Born - 1964, Wales, United Kingdom

Poker Room - Not Available


When it comes to unwavering and burning passion for playing casino games, nothing beats the enthusiasm and dedication shown by David Colclough for poker. David, who is a former technology guru, is among the few poker professionals who believes that there is more to poker than a passing hobby or a way to earn easy-money.

Born on March 4, 1964 in Carmathan, South Wales, David enjoyed playing poker ever since his childhood days. With his intense interest in playing poker, David was caught twice by his teachers while playing the said card game with his other classmates. Despite the disapproval of some of the people surrounding David, it did not stop him from learning more about the game.

David eventually proceeded with his education and he pursued a career in Information Technology. He worked in various companies until he finally decided to end his IT career, because the long and demanding working hours prevent him from playing poker.

As a poker player, David is regarded as one of the most aggressive and top players in Omaha poker game. At first, David is a frequent player in local casino establishments when he finally decided to play seriously in the professional circuit after he won the WSOP poker event in 2000 at the $2000 Pot Limit Hold'em play. David also got a lucky winning break at the WPT, in which he took home more than $100,000.

In 2003, David was voted as the year's European Poker Player. He also joined and won a series of international poker tournaments in the same year that made his name well-known in the poker industry. Meanwhile, his most noted poker achievements in 2005 would be his semi-finals inclusion in the World Heads-Up Championship and his induction into the European Poker Players Hall of Fame. Since he was only 41 at that time, David was named as the youngest inductee in the history of such distinctive award.

As mentioned earlier, David is among the few poker professionals in the field that shows an almost exaggerating passion for playing poker. His strong interest in the game even resulted to an end of his IT career. Although family and friends questioned his decision, David proved them wrong by actually becoming a professional and highly skilled poker player that aced almost every poker events he joined.

David's aggressive game strategies and extreme passion for poker make him one of the foremost casino enthusiasts in Europe's gambling history. His overall tournament winnings totaled over $1.5 million mark. However, David is not lucky in investing as he is in playing poker. Although professional poker tournaments have always worked well with him, he was caught in a bad luck investing his money on a business. David almost ended up broke before he decided to closed his business down. It was a good thing that at that time, his professional career in poker went right on track.

David is now currently living in an apartment in Birmingham together with his wife, Rhowena, and daughter, Sian. With David Colclough's unshaken dedication and expertise in the popular card game, he truly earned and deserved the distinction given to him as one of the premiere poker players in Europe.