David Levi

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:18

David Levi

A poker biography of David Levi.

Quick Information

Name - David Levi

Born - 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel

Poker Room - Not Available


From being a famous soccer player to a professional poker star, David Levi is truly a fine picture of a well-rounded and competitive individual. Also referred to as the "real deal" in international poker arena, David struggled to learn the winning tactics in poker games before he was acclaimed as one of most popular poker players in the field.

Born in 1962, David Levi was a famous professional soccer athlete in Israel until he met a fateful accident that eventually ended his soccer career. After the accident, David decided to move to Los Angeles where he had his first try of playing poker games. With a winning luck on his side, David became a regular patron at the poker tables of Bicycle Club in Los Angeles.

Like other professional poker players today, David also lose a great deal of money before he became luckier and better than the other players. He even lost almost all the money he brought with him to the US before he finally gained confidence and skill in the game. David learned to play his cash at medium level first instead of placing big stakes or bets.

A former paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces, David did not make big scores at his first attempts in playing poker, but his luck changed when his game improved. With the assistance of financial backers, David started placing stakes ranging from $1000 to $2000. David joined various poker tournaments and won a great deal of cash prizes.

With his hard-earned skills in playing poker games, David won numerous international poker competitions such as the 2002 Bellagio Poker Tournament, the 2003 Legends of Poker, the 2004 California State Poker Championship, and the 2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E tournament. These accomplishments really made his name very popular in the field of international poker arena.

Despite David's success in playing casino poker games, he still prefers to play soccer than poker. He claims that there is less competition in playing poker than soccer. For David, soccer is all about accomplishment and competition while poker is just about winning cash. Although he sometimes gets nostalgic for his soccer career, David still stands out as one of the most famous professional poker players in the industry today.

David became an in-demand poker player because he really knows how to use and play his cards right. What also sets him apart from other poker players is that he is a fast learner and a good observer. He learns from his mistakes and regularly improves his game tactics and strategies.

As plans in the future, David plans to coach youngsters in playing soccer. When his career in poker ends, he intends to pursue his dream of sharing his talent in playing soccer to those who also love to play the game. For now, David Levi, along with his strong perceptive and observation skills, is still one of those talented and tough poker players who will continuously win and make name in numerous leading international poker game tournaments.