David Plastik

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:19

David Plastik

A poker biography of David Plastik.

Quick Information

Name - David Plastik

Born - January 22nd 1964, Queens, New York, United States

Poker Room - Not Available

Playing poker is one of the last things David Plastik had in mind when his career in music photography ended. A University of Hartford graduate and known as among the foremost photographers in the music industry, David's work with the Billboard and the Rolling Stones became a major hit in the music industry magazines in the 1980s.

Since magazine publications do not pay very well at that time, David, who was born in 1964 at Queens, New Jersey, decided to work as a part-time salesman in his father's small textile business to earn added income. His first encounter with casino poker happened in 1995 at the Commerce Casino. Equipped with just mere home-poker experience, David happened to drove over to the casino one day, played poker, and quite surprisingly, won his very first try with a casino poker game. As David's success in the game continued, he decided to make poker a regular stable career.

As soon as David's stint in poker games improved, he decided to move on to poker tournaments in 1997. David's fantastic winning streaks show his excellent competitiveness and skills in acing the games. Soon, David is acclaimed as one of the top professional players in the poker industry.

David won numerous poker tournaments including the 2006 WSOP, No-Limit Hold'em, and the 2006 WSOP No Limit Hold'em with re-buys competition. Even though David is a popular figure in the international poker arena and is currently earning a lot of money from poker tournaments, he still intends to keep on joining poker games until the excitement in playing eventually mellows down.

On the other hand, what sets David apart from other poker players is his strong sense of competitive streak that is clearly manifested in his frequent outbursts in most of his poker games. Being competitive in playing casino poker games is fine, but in David's case, he does not know how to restrain or control his excitement when he is winning, as well as her temper when he is losing.

From a $100,000 cash prize from his first poker tournament to a gleaming top prize of $212,730 in the 2006 WPT Championship, David's success in his chosen field proved to be very satisfying. He is currently single, owns a grand house, and very much enjoys playing poker and winning money in various international poker tournaments.

Apart from playing poker, David also loves sports and music. Obviously, he enjoys the music of the Rolling Stones. As for his fave sports players, he admires Allen Cunningham, Chris Ferguson, and Scotty Nguyen. He also loves to travel, and Thailand is one of his fave places to visit.

David is also one of those casino players who want to further publicized poker to gain more publicity, sponsorship, and national coverage. With David Plastik's innate passion and skills in playing casino poker games, his name will always be in line with the most successful and popular international poker players in the industry like Cyndy Violette and Clonie Gowen.