David Sklansky

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:33

David Sklansky

A poker biography of David Sklansky.

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Name - David Sklansky

Born - Not Available

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For people who are naturally good in math and logic like David Sklansky, playing casino poker game is indeed among the fine careers they may actually consider doing.

David, who was once a promising student at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, gained interest in analyzing and playing poker games when he was still studying. As soon as he developed a deeper enthusiasm for the game, David decided to dropped his studies and try his luck with Las Vegas' premier casinos. David's decision to pursue a career in playing poker is worth it for he is now known as one of the leading poker geniuses in the world.

When David further developed his skills in playing poker, he joined various international poker tournaments including the $800 Mixed Doubles and $1000 Draw Hi in 1992 and the $1000 Limit Omaha Hi in 1993. He was also highly praised when he joined the "Poker By the Book" invitational poker tournament event at the World Poker Tour in 2004. In this event, David outscored Mike Sexton, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth Jr., and other well-known casino poker players. David's other recent wins include the 2006 WSOP No-Limit Hold'em in July 2006 and the Season 5 Borgata Poker Open last September 2006.

Aside from his success in playing the world-renowned card game, David is also an acclaimed professional casino poker author. He wrote a series of bestselling books about blackjack, poker, and general topics on casino gambling. The "Theory of Poker" is in fact, one of the best books ever written by David. His other popular published poker materials are the "Gambling for a Living", "Sklansky on Poker", "No limit Hold'em; Theory and Practice", as well as the "Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players".

Additionally, David produced a couple of videos on casino poker games, and he also wrote numerous articles for dozens of international and widely read casino gaming publications. He has also funded a couple of well-received poker colloquiums in Atlantic City and Las Vegas for interested poker enthusiasts and professionals, as well as invented a series of games that are soon to be seen at prime casino establishments in the world.

Today, David is a regular consultant to various Internet casino gaming websites, gaming device institutions, and of course, to some of the prestigious casinos in the world. Despite his busy schedule from books, producing videos, and organizing poker seminars, David occasionally joins some top poker competitions and still enjoys playing the said game.

On the other hand, David maintains his position in the international poker industry by his distinctive skills and knowledge in the field. While he is good at playing in the table, he also shares his complex and original poker ideas in lucid language. His published books and articles are all accurate and the explanations are clear and very informative.

Besides playing poker games, David's sizable income is also derived from his other gambling sidelines such as occasional blackjack games, video games, casino tournaments, and sports betting. With the significant contributions given by David Sklansky in the poker industry, his name has marked a niche as one of the leading authorities in international gambling.