Davidson Matthew

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:16

Davidson Matthew

A poker biography of Davidson Matthew.

Quick Information

Name - Davidson Matthew

Born - Not Available

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If there is one poker player who knows how to win it big it's Davidson Matthew. Although he did not win 1st place in all of the tournaments he joined, the cash prizes he got from them are nonetheless insurmountable. As of 2005, Davidson Matthew's total poker winnings already amount to $2.3 million -- and he's only been playing for two years!

Traces from the Past
Matthew was a bank teller in his native land, Antigua before he moved to Las Vegas. Once there, Matthew started frequenting poker rooms. Even before, Matthew was already fond of the gambling mecca. He would always visit Vegas but would not play anything even though he was pretty good at cards. The thing is that Matthew's game is really chess, but it did not take him long to learn all the casino games. Among the first card games he played while in Vegas was poker.

With $400 in his pocket, Matthew tried his luck at the poker tables. A complete newbie to the game, he lost his $400 in a matter of six hours. Despite this loss, Matthew learned to love the game. He tried his luck online, where he ended up playing in Paradise Poker, one of the first Internet poker sites. Eventually, Matthew's poker skills improved and he would win $250,000 during his good days.

Winning His $2 Million

Unlike most poker masters like Andrew Bloch, Phil Ivey, and Rhett Butler who attribute their successes to their excellent skills, Matthew attributes much of his success to luck -- including his $2-million win. In an interview with a well-known poker website, Matthew was quoted as saying that he was lucky to have the hand that allowed him to win against Doyle Brunson in the World Poker Tour Season 4 Main Event. With a hand of ace and queen, it had been easy for Matthew to intimidate Brunson. However, the first place win once again eluded the good-humored Matthew and he only ended up in the second place.

The Quest for the Bracelet

Like any red-blooded poker player, Matthew wants to earn his first poker bracelet. He knew that the only way he can be considered a serious poker player is if he won his first bracelet. He also hopes to follow the footsteps of poker legends like Jack Straus and Stu Ungar who have won several bracelets. To Matthew, his biggest motivation for playing poker is winning his first bracelet. For him, his success in poker would not be complete without a first place win. He knew that being a second-placer won't take him to the Poker Hall of Fame. As such, Matthew continues to join several poker tournaments in hopes of finally getting the much-coveted bracelet.

One of the tournaments he recently joined was the 2007 Borgata Poker Classic. For Matthew, it was one of the tournaments that he would never forget. It was among the roughest tournaments he ever got into and his tough loss there proves it. But even though Matthew had many bad tournament experiences in the past, the remarkable thing about him is that he still remains good natured about them.