Diego Cordovez

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:39

Diego Cordovez

A poker biography of Diego Cordovez.

Quick Information

Name - Diego Cordovez

Born - 1965, New York City, New York, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


One of the big names in poker games, Diego "The D Train" Cordovez worked as an Internet software developer for many poker sites throughout cyberspace. This WSOP braclet holder is a Stanford University graduate who revealed that he learned the basic rules of playing poker games from his math teacher back in the first grade. The calculated move was done so as to make math more fun for the students. Despite what many parents might think about teaching poker at school, only one thing is certain, Diego Cordovez is now a famous poker player. It seems that Cordovez is into learning new things, because up to now, he reads different kinds of strategy books and manuals on poker to improve his game. According to him, there is a large amount of value one can get out of reading books. Although there might be chances that there are some things one would find disagreeable in manuals, they still help stimulate the brain into thinking more about the game.

After absorbing that much information from various amount of books, Cordovez puts them into good use by joining different tournaments. His first ever game was in 1991 when he joined a game at the Palo Alto Cameo Club. After this experience, Cordovez never looked back again. He has also tried his luck at Reno, when he played at the famous Peppermill Club's tournaments. After the second time he played, he was tagged as the best all-around poker player, despite his being a newbie in the said card game. This got Cordovez thinking, and armed with the knowledge that he could succeed in the realm of poker playing, he began to devote more attention and take time to improve his game strategies. He also makes certain to join only one kind of game at a time, so he can focus more clearly on the current events. As opposed to other poker players, Cordovez did not quit from his job or turn over the management of his business to someone else in order to play poker full-time. This is because according to him, playing poker as an occupation diminishes the fun from playing and instead see it as an obligation.

What many people don't know is that Diego Cordovez is the CEO of Advanced Global Applications, LCC. He is known to having successfully developed Internet software for several online poker sites. He has also written a certain article for 'Optimize' Magazine's May 2002 issue where he revealed that he enjoyed meeting associates, friends, family, and clients while playing poker. This is because playing poker is the surest way of revealing all the nuances of one person, and showing all his hidden facets. For him, he continues to believe that he can see a person for who he or she is when he plays poker with him or her.

Diego Cordovez believes that his patience has made him win as many tournaments as he can. He always advises fellow poker players to concentrate and pay attention to everything that happens while on a game. For him, focused player is far better than a talented player.