Douglas Kim

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:15

Douglas Kim

A poker biography of Douglas Kim.

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Name - Douglas Kim

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In sports and other activities, the age of a person is often taken into consideration more often than not. If a person is too young or too old, this is considered to be an impediment and a stumbling block for improvement or success. However, in the realm of professional poker, age is but a number that has no bearing. As long as a person knows the rules of the game, has his own playing style, and can handle the pressure of apparent losing or winning, anyone is welcome to try and play. Of course, before, to have players below 25 was relatively unheard of and it may cause sufficient publicity. Fortunately, the trend is turning towards a different direction and younger players in live tournament games are fast becoming a regular sight. Among these new breed of young prodigies is Douglas Kim.

Taking Calculated Risks
At the young age of 23, Douglas Kim seems to be deviating from what is expected of youth his age. Born in New York on the 10th of November 1983, this Korean-born American poker player credits the Internet and computer games as his tutors of poker. A graduate of an Economics degree from the Duke University, Douglas Kim surprised professors and classmates alike by calculating the pot odds using his acquired skills.

Breaking Records in WSOP
In the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) tourney, Douglas Kim made history by being the youngest player to ever make it up to the main event's final table that was not defeated by player Jamie Gold. Despite the views of seasoned poker players that he was making critical mistakes, Douglas Kim was able to make it up to the top place, finishing in the 7th spot out of the 8700 players who joined the tourney. Although he was not fortunate enough to win after he was eventually eliminated by another popular player - Paul Wasicka, Douglas Kim earned $2,391,520 as his consolation prize.

What the Future Holds For Douglas Kim
Douglas Kim is currently employed at the Oliver Wyman Financial Services in his home city of New York as one of their strategy consultants. However, many speculate that his earnings in the 2006 WSOP can now provide him with enough bankroll to allow him entry into the high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas. With his successful game still fresh in poker players and fans' minds, Douglas Kim is guaranteed to be the focus of attention should he decide to join and play against the other bigwigs and veterans in poker. If he keeps up his level of playing and sharpen his skills more, many believe that this young player will make it big sometime in the near future.

Proving that age has nothing to do with skills in playing poker, Douglas Kim's popularity has definitely climbed progressively. He is considered to be among the new breed of poker masters who will continue the enthusiasm of the game, making the younger age groups the new fans of this tourney.