Dr Amir Nasseri

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:55

Dr. Amir Nasseri

A poker biography of Dr Amir Nasseri.

Quick Information

Name - Dr Amir Nasseri

Born - Tehran, Iran

Poker Room - Not Available


An exceptional, yet deceptive high-stakes poker player, Dr. Amir Nasseri is a physician you'd want to be friends with. He frequently keeps his opponents on their toes as he lures them into various traps designed to make him win and pocket large amounts of money afterwards. A good poker face and a truckload of tricks comprise the arsenal of Dr. Amir Nasseri, and his opponents are often caught unaware by his strategies. His devious and cunning poker playing style has made this Tehran, Iran native one of the very popular and exciting high-stakes poker players in the world. Today, this Las Vegas resident is now a familiar face after playing in tourneys that have been covered by live television.

You may have heard stories on how poker players learned the rules of the game while very young, either from people in the neighborhood or their family. These players often have head start against others, and this may be an advantage for them. However, this is not the case for Dr. Amir Nasseri. This Iranian fellow learned poker from a most unlikely source: his father-in-law. It may have just begun from just the usual male-bonding periods, but Dr. Amir Nasseri had no idea that this timely diversion would make him famous, or make him earn a lot of money. However, Dr. Amir may have been an exceptional student, not to mention a son-in-law, because there are only a few people who make it to semi-professional poker playing after only learning it recently.

It is quite common to find poker players, distinguished ones at that, who still keep regular and similarly high-paying jobs several days of the week. CEO's, engineers, and even actors continue on their professional careers and just play poker several days a week, preferably on weekends, just for fun. Dr. Amir Nasseri is one of them. Many know of his other profession, of being a physician, a reputable one at that. For most people who watch medical dramas, they can see that a doctor's life is very demanding, taxing, and tiring. Thus, it seems a surprise for many that Dr. Amir Nasseri has time to fit in three or four game and tourney sessions every month. Doctors are known to be methodical and serious people who put a hundred percent of their efforts in order to help save lives. It would only be fitting that Dr. Amir Nasseri uses the same amount of concentration and dedication to his games. This comes as no surprise as both occupations require great amounts of determination and focus in order to make it big and even win.

Although not specifically winning the main prizes, Dr. Amir Nasseri is a tough contender in the games and tournaments he plays in. In year 2002's World Series Of Poker tournament, Dr. Amir Nasseri made it to the top 12 slots. His participation in the Mirage Poker Showdown in 2005 was also met with admirable results. Dr. Amir Nasseri also became the second runner-up during the World Poker Tour and this feat made him win $20,000.