Eli Elezra

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:18

Eli Elezra

A poker biography of Eli Elezra.

Quick Information

Name - Eli Elezra

Born - November 24th 1960, Jerusalem, Israel

Poker Room - Not Available


Some professional poker players have very interesting stories before they became poker geniuses. Among the players who have a fascinating past is Eli Elezra. A former army man from Jerusalem, Eli Elezra made to numerous final tables when he moved in the United States. If it wasn't for the leg injury that he incurred when he's in the army, poker will not be in his line. However, his life dramatically changed when he became an enthusiast of the fast-growing casino game in Las Vegas today.

When Elezra became bedridden after serving the army in Israel, he became hooked on televised poker and started playing the phenomenal game. Elezra's record in pro poker includes his victory in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Mirage Poker Showdown in 2004 where he took home more than $1 million. He became a World Series Poker (WSOP) fixture in 1999 even though he only joined selected games. Another highlight of his playing career is when he ranked 6th in 2001 WSOP in the $2000 Limit Texas Hold-em and bagged $41,760.

Unlike other renowned and respected pro players, Elezra does not have a WSOP bracelet yet, however, his other victories compensated his playing. He already won 11 cashes, and he is being compared with poker superstars such as Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and Chip Reese in joining The Big Game. The said players were required to make six-figure bankroll swings after every session.

Eli Elezra can be seen in several poker TV programs like the replays of his WPT victory and appearances on Fox Sports Net's Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament during its second and third seasons. Television programs featuring his competing in two seasons of Game Show Network's High Stakes Poker and embodying Israel in Columbia Broadcasting System's Intercontinental Poker Championship are also aired today.

Apart from playing poker, Elezra is a successful businessman too. While improving his skills in winning poker games, he built over 20 business establishments in the strip of Vegas. Some people believe that Elezra's lucky number is seven for he named Seven the restaurants, attractions, and shops that he owns. Some conclude that he likes seven for he has gained the reputation for being a deuceseven lowball champion.

On the other hand, when Elezra is not busy finishing tables or managing his businesses, he takes care of his wife and their five kids. He prepares their everyday breakfast, and he plays games and eat meals with his youngsters. When his children are already in bed, that's the time for him to strut his prowess in poker. It's been his routine to do business by day and win cold cash at night when he hits cardrooms.

Eli Elezra has been playing poker professionally for over ten years now. He finds poker a profitable hobby, and according to him, he just loves playing. He is also noted for his being helpful, although he has already marked a niche in the poker league. Another interesting fact about him is that he's never forgotten the men of the army commando he was once part of. In fact, he recently gave $50,000 to finish the construction of the gymnasium for his commando unit.