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Fps epassporte funding casino and poker sites.

The ePassporte Virtual Visa allows Visa card holders to transfer and deposit funds automatically using online banking. The ePassporte Business Account, on the other hand, is expressly offered to Internet-based merchants and vendors. It allows them to maintain a globalwide sales and marketing system by instantly paying each affiliate in any required currency, as long as the affiliate is an active ePassporte holder as well. This Business-to-Peer model allows for seamless and immediate virtual fund transfer, and does away with the hassles and risks of checks and wire transfers. The ePassporte Business account also has the ePurchase option that allows for the receipt of payments from other active ePassporte account holders anywhere. Equipped with the CVV2/CVC2 three-digit security credit card code, each ePassporte account is guaranteed safe from identity and account theft.

That said, it's no wonder ePassporte is among the most preferred payment solutions in most gaming websites and online casinos . Aside from account security, players also laud the efficiency of ePassporte in facilitating fund transfers from the gamers' account into the website. The charges and the interests are also minimal which make the gaming experience more fun and less expensive. Convenience is also an issue addressed by the ePassporte. Even MasterCard holders would be able to open and access an ePassporte account without opening a Visa account. Given the extent of Visa and MasterCard's presence worldwide, players would be hard-pressed to find a locale without access to these payment solutions.

Speaking of online gaming and casino websites, the ePassporte Virtual Visa is usually accepted as a funding option for many gaming and casino sites like Casino Tropez. As one of today's top online casinos, this ixgames.com-affiliate prioritize customer support. As part of their commitment to service, Casino Tropez offers its players the option of using ePassporte as their deposit solution.  To start playing, any Visa or MasterCard account holder only needs to activate an ePassporte account by using the links provided in the casino's site or going directly to the Visa website. After opening an ePassporte account, players must activate these accounts by registering their ePassporte account information in Casino Tropez. Upon activation, prospective players must transfer a minimum of $20 deposit into their Casino Tropez account. Players can use their ePassporte account to place wagers on standard casino games like roulette and baccarat, or participate in the number of poker tables available in the site. Using an ePassporte account to wager is easy. By entering their desired wager in the game interface and confirming it using their ePassporte account number, players' bets are updated and validated. With these easy steps, fund transfers during online gaming is a breeze.

Aside from making fund transfer easier and more convenient, the ePassporte also ensures players' financial security. By depositing a minimum of $100, players are given the chance  to lessen interests during the transfer. Also, each charge or wager made using an ePassporte account is automatically reflected in the player's online gaming account. This way, players can keep track of their wagers and interest rates immediately and report all disparities, if any, to the casino's cashier.  

With ePassporte's innate reliability and functionality, players and other account holders are able to enjoy the convenience of having a handy payment solution. Truly, the ePassporte is the passport to a world of financial independence and mobility.