Erick Brenes

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:19

Erick Brenes

A poker biography of Erick Brenes.

Quick Information

Name - Erick Brenes

Born - Costa Rica

Poker Room - Not Available


Born and bred in San Jose, Costa Rica, Erick is part of the Brenes trio who are from a farming family. But though he may be the not-so-famous professional poker player among the Brenes brood, Erick keeps a mean record close to what his brothers Humberto, the Godfather of Costa Rican Players and Alex, a fellow World Poker Tour title holder, have achieved. This is particularly evident in the winnings he gets. Today, among the three siblings, Erick holds the fattest paycheck and that's all that matters.

But success really had to be earned on Erick's part. Considering that his brothers were also both allies and enemies at the poker table, he had to hold his own when it comes to plays and tourneys. Evidently and fortunately, in this case, this was no problem for Erick. In the 2004 World Poker Tour's 3rd Season, Erick won a whopping $1,000,000 from the No Limit Hold'em table at the Aruba Poker Classic's UltimateBet. This was definitely an impressive win, considering Alex only took home a six-digit prize as his biggest in another WPT event.

Surprisingly, Erick only plays part-time in live tournaments but he proves to be a winner nevertheless. Probably both inspired and coached by the success of the two other Brenes brothers who have been consistent movers in the playing circuit before him, Erick proves to have that innate talent, which combines both raw skill and powerful observation on the gambling table. But Erick's potential and impressive actual plays are not that astonishing at all, especially considering the fact that Humberto, the first Brenes to make a name in the poker world, even went to the extent of attending professional school to develop his skills and find his winning spot.

Just like how it was with Humberto, Erick's professional demeanor and serious, personal approach to poker can earn serious money and an untainted reputation. Interestingly, Erick's winning streak is also attributed by people to the background his family has -- farming. Some are even caught joking that he may be cultivating cards rather than crops, learning the feel of the table rather than the land. But according to Erick, playing in a live tournament is ordinarily what he does to hone his poker skills further, with intents of making more killing at the poker table in the coming tournaments. Playing poker is also what he does to enjoy life and earn money with fun.

On a serious side though, Erick devotes much of his time on other things. Aside from the dynasty he helped to create in the casino circuit, Erick is also a known philanthropist and businessman in their home country. He is part of the team that owns and manages real estate and nut exporting companies. When not visible or playing side by side poker competitors on the gambling table, Erick can be found attending to farming, cultivating crops and livestock in the family's farm in San Jose. After all, Erick considers farming to be his prime hobby.