Erick Lindgren

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:21

Erick Lindgren

A poker biography of Erick Lindgren.

Quick Information

Name - Erick Lindgren

Born - August 11th 1976 Burney, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


More than $4 million winnings and six final table finishes shall tell you that Erick Lindgren is a tough professional poker player. But even with his easily traceable yet vast experience working in a casino back home in California, Lindgren, like some poker players, also had his humble beginnings. Lindgren learned gambling through his friends, betting in their own games of basketball. Although he also succeeded as a player -- earning a Most Valuable Player award in the shooting guard position side by side a football quarterback -- the gambling side of him did not die along the way. If anything, it has continued to grow until Lindgren found himself playing at the local casino; he worked his way first as blackjack dealer then propositional player, and soon enough, a renowned poker player.

Lindgren started building up his wealth and his reputation beginning at a ripe age of 24, playing in live and online tournaments. In just about two years of consistent activity in the poker circuit, he has made a name for himself while enriching his wealth along the way. Lindgren's first big paycheck was a $3,000 win from a No Limit Hold'em tourney held in the Bellagio Five Diamond World Classic in the latter part of 2002. 2003 became his biggest year ever, landing in final tables and taking home millions of dollars in winnings, part of which was over $500,000 from an Ultimate Bet Poker Classic.

But Lindgren's luck certainly did not end there. He made more significant winnings in the succeeding years after 2003, eventually bagging a 2004 WPT Player of the Year title. With his success, Lindgren keeps his fans assured that he is never looking back but ahead. His status as a propositional player, used by many casino owners as a tool to spice up the game at the table, has helped a lot and he is definitely putting all his learning from all those games that he played into good use.

Lindgren's presence in live poker tournaments also has always been a welcome thing for fellow players and excited viewers alike, mainly because of his abilities and his humble persona. Young enough at 30, Lindgren is considered one of the more seasoned players of all time, picking up poker lessons from actual games (online or live) that he participated in or merely witnessed every so often. His abilities to stay focused and his delivery when he does play make Lindgren a quick learner in games and tourneys where he draw his winnings.

As proof that Lindgren is not resting in his laurels, you can easily find him anywhere a pot money is at stake. He is regularly playing online poker, at Full Tilt Poker, sometimes going by the name E-dog, an alias Lindgren gained from a casino regular. He also participates in live tournaments, but when not busy, he piles cash at the amazing final tables or goes back to his active sports and spends good, quality time with friends, and lazies around his pad. He still loves challenging his basketball skills through bets-- only now, the stakes are higher.