Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel

A poker biography of Erik Seidel.

Quick Information

Name - Erik Seidel

Born - November 6th 1959, New York City, New York, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Whatever poker is about, this New York-born pro sure knows it. Although backgammon was Erik Seidel's first cup of tea, he proved equally good at playing cards and winning consistently. As a result, Seidel has since been close to $6 million richer. His career is beautifully adorned with seven bracelets and the distinction of being the only poker pro who won the World Series of Poker tournament three consecutive times -- seemingly erasing the traces of Seidel's heartbreaking loss to poker pro Johnny Chan in a WSOP main event, 18 years earlier.

Traces of loss may never fade amid all the success that Seidel earned in the industry but those definitely only made this poker champ a better player and that's all that matters. Starting from a humble beginning of being a consistent competitor as a kid, Seidel even joined a game show called "To Tell the Truth," broadcasted on TV at the age of 12. Before he reached 20, Seidel discovered backgammon and decided to go for the challenge. He exchanged school for backgammon and dropped out from Brooklyn College to go mainstream. His interest in the card game elevated when people at the Mayfair, where he was a member, started turning up for poker rounds. Not so confident about his skills, Seidel gladly made do with a couple of games.

When his gambling days started wearing thin, Seidel decided to get employed as a regular stockbroker but even with this career shift, he never thought of giving up gambling; thus, his monthly paycheck was supplemented with regular winnings at the poker table. Sadly, in a span of just two years, the market crashed and Seidel had no other resort than to go back to the gambling table. However, when he decided to return to the gambling scene, he vowed to get serious wins and was determined to better his poker skills.

In this respect, he did not fail. Not long after he completely joined the poker league once more, a considerable improvement in his winning ability at the poker table got him to join WSOP tournaments. After the heartbreaking loss to Chan in his first ever main event, his winning streak began. Seidel even claims that No Limit Hold'em is the game for him and proves so with consistent money finishes and golden bracelets, one after the other. There is also no doubt that he is one name to reckon with in Omaha High-Low, No Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball, and Pot Limit Omaha, where he also earned big paychecks.

At present, Seidel is juggling family life with wife and kids in Las Vegas, Nevada, and poker life, participating in online and live tournaments every so often. He is a Full Tilt Poker regular, a sponsorship that earned him the popularity that he's currently enjoying -- coupled with numerous TV plugs. When not busy, Erik is often found enjoying the good life, piling cash on the gambling table and spending it on himself and his family. He loves watching indie films, listening to soothing music, and playing tennis, which helps him keep active.