Evelyn Ng

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:25

Evelyn Ng

A poker biography of Evelyn Ng.

Quick Information

Name - Evelyn Ng

Born - September 14th 1975, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Poker Room - Bodog Poker


When good looks are combined with an inimitable winning skill at the final table, the result would be no other than plain gorgeous! That's what Evelyn Ng is -- a gorgeous poker pro who certainly means business once she's seated on the gambling table. Standing tall at 5'11", Ng is one good player with a mean record that is hard to turn down and with a hope to become the first lady pro to score the Main Event in one World Series of Poker tourney.

Unlike other teens her age, it was all about betting, gambling, and pool-playing for Ng. Yes, she is all-glammed up when she comes for a game now but at only 14, instead of minding lipstick, blush-on, and perfumes, she is piling up winnings against other players. Ng continuously gambled and before she turned 20, she has learned the ins and outs of poker, playing games behind numerous Toronto establishments.

But one of the highlights of Ng's early poker career is her encounter with fellow poker player, Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu, an infamous Canadian pro who met Ng at a time when she's so obsessed with poker, easily became both her mentor and close friend. It was with Degreanu that Ng learned to develop her style designed to deal with aggressive players. It was also him who showed the endless benefits that can be drawn out of playing, including having her family live off poker money.

When Ng started getting serious about poker, it was also about the time she started earning good deeds from it, building up her bankroll and earning a decent reputation for herself. On her first Ladies Night tournament at the World Poker Tour, Evybabee, as she is fondly known, placed second. Not bad, considering that she bested such caliber as Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, and Kathy Liebert along the way.

Ng is such a cool player in all sense of the word. One good thing that co-players and avid viewers like about her is having the ability to keep her emotions in check even in the middle of a heated game. Ng tries to stay relaxed and keep herself calm whether she is winning or losing. Interestingly enough, her love for music is what helps to keep Ng relaxed. She brings her iPod with her and plays soft music while on the gambling table so as to stay focused.

Ng is presently connected with Bodog Poker and is often found playing online and offline since she became one of the distinguished members of its Poker Pro Team just last April. She remains to be active in the gambling circuit, participating in both live and online tournaments. When it comes live tourneys, like most poker pros, Ng's fave poker hangout and the best place she is able to draw impressive payouts is the Bellagio. Although she keeps a home in California, Las Vegas can never be too far for her because it's certainly where the action is.

When she's able to squeeze in some time off, Ng is just around the corner, listening to good music, watching TV, or video gaming.