Female Poker Players

Sun, 25 May 2008 23:57

Female Poker Players

A look on professional female poker players.

As old as time could tell, women have always fallen prey into stereotypes and typecast shadows of misconception.  They are cast in a shell, where they're  perceived to be weak, emotional, and just as soft as their feminine instincts could be.  Although physical strength is not one of their best attributes, little do people realize that they are actually smarter and a lot stronger than they seem.  Without spears and any battle gears, behind the tremendous fall of great men such as Julius Caesar, Samson, and Goliath, not to mention the whole city of Troy, are women who have beauty, charm, and cunning instincts to make all these possible even in history.  So even if poker have always been dominated by men as masters of their own tricks and games, breaking into this new trend and market was no surprise at all for female poker players.  However, only recently did women truly became formidable figures in the poker circuit.  At a time when poker is starting to go public and is becoming more popular through backrooms and later, through live tournaments, women have always been fascinated by this game.  However, they are restricted mostly to home games, which have also been common grounds  even for famous female poker celebrities like Mary Jones Meyer, Liz Lieu, and other rising stars on the green felt table.  Playing with friends and family gave them the opportunity to develop their instincts for gambling and even sharpen their skills against the lucky hands of their opponents.  Until later, it also earned them the cutting edge for competition as they secured more seats in live tournaments and world series of events.  But behind this 'female poker star success' are good men.  In the case of Annie Duke, it took a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet holder slash brother, Howard Lederer, to teach her the basics of Texas of Hold'em, while for Mimi Tran, a friend also became her mentor and a source of bankroll during her early struggles.

With proliferating numbers of women making it to the final tables, not only is there an added thrill, but also a new platform for challenges.  For Isabelle Mercier, she could easily intimidate her rivals through an intense stare, while for other female card holders,  they may choose to play it coy and later use it to their advantage.  Their perceived weakness actually worked at times when some men may bet even with a weaker hand, thinking that female poker players would easily fold in panic.  Because women by nature tend to be tight and more emotional,  they often come as a surprise when they bluff.  This scenario becomes more exciting specially when the players at the table are attractive women like Evelyn Ng, Kristy Gazes, and Vanessa Rousso.  

Through poker, women were able to break the stereotypes.  While they are deemed as frail and fearful, they can also be daring. For instance, Lucy Rokach even sold her house just to play more and regain her outstanding loss.    Successful female poker players are also accomplished professionals before they gambled through the odds of winning or losing.  High-stake roller, Kathy Liebert had a Bachelors degree in Business and Finance before she became a grand prize winner for Party Poker Million.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Harman played poker for a living when she was just 21 years old, until she won the 2000 Deuce-to-Seven No-Limit Draw event and got herself a prestigious WSOP bracelet.                                       

Cindy Violette is also recognized as probably one of the best female players around even against his male counterparts, while Shannon Elizabeth and Mimi Rogers shared the limelight of celebrity poker apart from Hollywood.  However, a shocking revelation is associated with Jennifer Tilly.  Although she often plays the role of a dumb-ass blonde, she managed to outwit professional players in winning her own WSOP bracelet.  

Endowed with strong intuition, women are now in the perfect timing to explore more possibilities in poker gambling.  Although some critics would suggest that poker is more of an escape for women from drudgery and stress, poker is still a skill game enjoyed by female players who dare use their manipulation and natural strength to beat any man with their card games.  Others also play poker to provide for college education and even sustain the income of the family.  However, more women are most comfortable playing online, when they won't have to sit around a slew of intimidating men.  They very well enjoy the privacy, as they continue to hone much of their skills to face the dreadful challenge in playing against wits and reading between the minds and the hands of their skillful opponents.