Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:52


Fund your online casino or poker account with firepay.

The ability to provide a nice variety of deposit and cash out options are highly observed and criticized in most reviews.  While game variety, ring game traffic, and software efficiency are also very vital in any casino, poker, bingo, or sportsbooks online, access to funds and money transfers are deemed crucial in any online gaming site experience. After all, the lack of good payment solution may frustrate participants and hinder players from visiting further internet gambling sites. Hence, the success of any online game relies on the available methods of withdrawing and depositing money.

FirePay is a common payment option seen on most gaming sites like Pokerroom, Party Gammon, Canbet, or Bingo For Money.  This payment method operates like debit cards through internet-based accounts.  But unlike other debit card and online payment facilities, availing a FirePay account is hassle-free and cost-effective.

Using FirePay doesn't even require any sign-up charges or other unnecessary rates.  From your own bank account, you can easily transfer funds to your FirePay account for online products and services. When you transfer funds, that's the only time smaller fees apply.   For instance, you can always use this payment provider for initial sign-ups and registration in 24 Karat Gold Casino.  Using the transferred funds, you have to maintain a certain amount so you could play and eventually avail the 200% bonus.  The whole process is safe because each transaction provides you with notice and information directly posted on the page.  

Another exceptional trait among its service features is speed.  You don't have to wait and take a queue just to process your payment methods.  It also doesn't take a considerable amount of time just to verify your records or information, so, more often than not, transactions are managed successfully and handled immediately.    

This payment solution also keeps a very low rejection percentage; if not 0%, FirePay keeps the percentage as minimal as possible.  But generally, due to the speedy and real-time access mode of Firepay, accessing an account is as efficient and as effective, even to most web browsers. Should there be any inquiries or questions about access technicalities, unlimited payments, or detailed statements, the round-the-clock support system of FirePay is reliable enough for clients to use.

As with any leading brands, security should always be an utmost priority, especially when you deal with large amounts of casino payouts and revenues.   With this in view, FirePay vows never to compromise safety of personal information. FirePay uses a formidable technology in transaction processes on the web.  For instance, its data center is advanced in form and concept; security features include encryption, IP addresses filtering, control system, and double firewalls.    

With the assurance of instant deposits, convenient withdrawals, and easy transferring schemes, a number of online game sites choose FirePay. Because of the convenience and amount flexibility it provides, FirePay is also seen as a good alternative payment solution in gambling sites where other payment methods are limited in function. For instance, FirePay can be used in Casino Tropez, where several casino players may be restricted on the amount of money they can use from their credit cards.