Freddy Deeb

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:22

Freddy Deeb

A poker biography of Freddy Deeb.

Quick Information

Name - Freddy Deeb

Born - November 27th 1955, Beirut

Poker Room - Ultimate Bet


The last time Freddy Deeb touched the poker table in front of a big audience was last June to August of 2006 at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 37th Annual World Series of Poker. In the said event, he won $9,476 only, which was why he did not receive so much awe from the viewers. But, he couldn't care less about his winnings from that event because it was just a small portion of his entire "income" in poker.

If one will add all of Deeb's winnings, the man has got more than a million dollars already. In fact, the highlight of his career in poker began when he joined the 21st Annual World Series of Poker No Limit Hold'em championship in 1990 and won 2nd place with $130,000 cash prize. Since then, Deeb attracted more opponents and fans by the way he carried himself and his game. He continued to impress the people when he won first place during the 27th Annual World Series of Poker No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball in 1996 where he swept $146,250 off the poker table. Though the event was not that outstanding for some people, it inspired him to join more tourneys.

His expectation and aspiration to win did not disappoint him when he beat other players by winning first place in Festa al Lago II No-Limit Hold'em championship in 2004 with $154,204 pot money. Since then, he went on to winning and champinoning in major tourneys. However, the most famous of all his astonishing wins was during the 2005's Aruba Poker Classic No-Limit Championship where he bagged $1,000,000 for winning first place.

Although his current status in the poker world means that he has all the wealth he could ever lay his hands on, Deeb's pre-poker life was not as luxurious as the present. Before he got into poker, he was a Mechanical Engineering student at the famous Utah State University. Formerly a Lebanese, Deeb got his US citizenship when the war exploded in Lebanon. But he was not able to get in touch with his parents, who financed his education, for more than a year during the said war, so he decided to enter the poker world and make money out of his talent in bluffing. Soon, with expertise in the poker field, he let go of his Mechanical Engineering career and consequently, embraced poker as his new profession by which he earns his living and now, supports his wife and four children.

Deeb has gone through a lot of experiences with poker but continues to be among the best players in the poker community, whether online or offline. He has also learned important lessons which he always wants to share with those who dream to build a poker career like his. Lessons, such as "If you're not on top of your game, you will always end up failing," have made and will be continue to make such an impact on his life as well as in the lives of his legions of poker fans.