Free Mahjong Sites

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:10

Free Mahjong Sites

Play free online mahjong tile game and solitaire.

There are various online gambling games today and among them is online mahjong. Online mahjong is gaining popularity because it is easy to play and it caters to both young and adult players. Before, this game was only played in China, where it originated, and in different Asian countries. But as the gambling industry develops, mahjong has reached several countries in the Western regions, like the United States, and has become among the most favorite online games. Today, online gaming also offers mahjong sites, which prove that more people are playing this game. Gamers who are interested to learn more about the mahjong hype should visit different free mahjong sites to play either by themselves or with other online players.

Online Mahjong Basics
The main goal in playing online mahjong is to eliminate all 144 pieces or tiles from the board. Only similar tiles can be removed from the board. The standard suits of the tiles in mahjong are characters, dragons, bamboos, circles, seasons, winds, flowers, and seasons. The player must find the matching pairs of tiles at the left and right ends at different pyramid levels.

Online mahjong is a perfect example of an online skill game because a player must be clever in removing more tiles from the board. Many are being hooked to this game because it is not difficult to learn. In fact, after playing several games, a player can develop his own strategies to win against his opponents.  

Free Mahjong Sites
Nowadays, players have different options for free mahjong sites. There are numerous mahjong websites that people can visit to experience unlimited online mahjong games. There are free mahjong sites that offer "freeplay" games for multi-players. With these kind of games, a player can try a few games to test his skills in online mahjong. If he thinks he is competent enough, then he can opt to play against other competitors by joining pay-to-play to win big and real prizes.

On the other hand, there are mahjong websites that have numerous free online mahjong games. These sites often have a mahjong solitaire tiles game where the player should have matching tiles to clear the board. It is a simple solitaire matching game that is why a lot of online gamers visit these sites.

Free mahjong sites usually have high traffic because anyone can play without paying for anything. In addition, mahjong is a fairly easy game that can be learned even by young players. These free mahjong sites are considered by many players as viable places for multi-player mahjong.

Downloading Mahjong Games
If a player wants to have an unlimited mahjong experience, he can download this kind of game for free to play mahjong anytime he wants. Downloading a mahjong game software can make him feel that he is in a real mahjong tournament. Since there are various mahjong resources, this kind of software can be acquired for free. A free version has simple interface and basic features, which is a good option for starters. Meanwhile, if a player wants to play mahjong like a pro, he can have another version that has extra aspects such as colorful graphics, funny sound effects, numerous game levels, and free upgrades. However, keep in mind that to get this special mahjong version, you must pay for the software before you can download it.

There are various mahjong sites in the Web today where a person can play for free. Visiting free mahjong sites can be helpful if a player wants to enhance his skills in playing mahjong. Free mahjong sites are also excellent options for individuals who only want to have a pleasant gaming without needing to gamble.