Free Backgammon Software

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:02

Free Backgammon Software

Examples of free backgammon software.

Like many popular board games, backgammon game has been available online for quite some time now.  Hence, there are also free backgammon softwares made available over the web.  For backgammon players, both newbies and regulars, using a free backgammon software is a great help.  However, the main challenge in searching for free backgammon software online is that many are not actually free.  Most websites charge fees and only allow a person to play online with other players in real time.  Nevertheless, there are freeware that could be helpful in learning the basics, the strategies , and the tricks that would make one a competent backgammon player.  Freeware also improves playing skills, and prepares the individual until he finally decides to hog the limelight and play online against serious backgammon aficionados.  One can consider freeware as practice for the real thing, where one can play the game for big money.

Below are free backgammon software packages for computer versions of the board game itself:

1. Alexandra The Tavli 1.41 - offers four choices for board designs and seven different game pieces.  Dice are 100% randomly rolled and each player gets their own game statistics.  Alexandra also allows voice messaging and comes in English and Greek.  

2. Dionysis` Backgammon 1.2 - lets you play versus the PC and saves your game statistics.

3. Expert Backgammon - can be played even with Windows 3.1. You can ask the computer for advice and error explanation.  Its Java 1.1 versions allow online real-time gaming.

4. GNU Backgammon - claims to be a world-class software designed to improve game play and can run on various OS.  This free backgammon software not only lets you play, but it also analyzes and teaches the game.

5. Hep Yeck Backgammon - comes in 3D and allows for playing against the PC.

6. Jellyfish - the pioneering backgammon software based on neural network.  It offers great training as it gives games to players who consider themselves as pros.  But freeware creators claim that expert players would win only half the time.  With this software, you play versus the PC, and you can save the game and view it again for analysis.  

7. My Backgammon 1.0 - a free backgammon software which gives players the freedom in choosing moves.

8. NetBackgammon v1.0 - allows for two gamers to play the game using one board on one PC or through a network, like an intranet or LAN.

9. Quick Backgammon - among the oldest backgammon freeware with a version for Windows 3.1.  This software can save statistics as you play versus the PC.  It can also automatically finish games.

10. WoodyGammon - lets you interactively play with the PC program or with another player through the internet.  It suggests and rates moves and allows players to send messages to each other.

11. PartyGammon - The auhors behind partypoker, and now available for backgammon players. Lets you discover what backgammon online is all about. An excellent software to improve game play and meet other players.

12. GammonEmpire - A newcomer in the backgammon online industry, that offers a wide compatible software and a special java applet for linux users.

These are available for easy and direct download.  Most are absolutely free; very few are shareware, which means they offer rather limited playing.  It would eventually be a good idea to invest in paid software, which offers more options and features like explaining to players their mistakes and analyzing game positions.  Some free backgammon software packages limit the number of players to one real player.  However, some allow two people playing on one computer, while others enable network access for two people to play online.