Free Online Slots

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:19

Free Online Slots

Play free online slot machine and game.

Most of the time, people consider taking effortless ways to earn money, and one very good example of this is through playing popular casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo, and craps. Although there are also some people who play these games as their profession, majority of the people who go to casino establishments wish to earn big time.

Moreover, one of the widely played casino games is the slots. This is because there are no particular skill or strategy that you can employ to hit the jackpot. Furthermore, the availability of online versions of slots , which offer free online games, adds up to its popularity.

The list below are some of the websites that offer free slot games:

1. Slots Jam
This website provides links to various casino houses that offer free slots games. Aside from this, Slots Jam also gives different game options for players like the Flash slots or the Java slots. It also links interested slots players to casino rooms with slot tournaments that require no money. This means that a player can join a tournament for free and he has the chance to win some dollars if he gets to be included in the list of top players.

2. FreeSlots
The FreeSlots website offers more than 30 variations of slots games like the 5-reel and 3-reel slots, which are popularly known in United Kingdom as the fruit machines. Just like the Slots Jam site, it does not require program installation or even download. One just needs to choose his preferred game and click on the link in order to enjoy the free game. Aside from slots, this website also offers free poker games.

3. Slots Mama
One of the very good websites that provides free slots game is the Slots Mama. This site not only provides several slots games for free, but it also explains the difference between the online and traditional slots playing. Aside from these things, Slots Mama also gives several links to other websites that feature additional tips on how to win in slots and other casino games.

All the slots games in this website are definitely free of charge. Some of the slots games that it offers are the fruit slots, the monster slots, the American slots, and the Vegas slots.

4. Slot Machine Fan
This website contains links to different slots games that require no download installations. Aside from this, it also provides free slots games from the software provider company Microgaming.

Apart from the free slots games, the site also features links that provide information on cheats, news, and books about slot machines.

5. Pogo
This website is one of the many online resources where you can access free slots games that are different from the traditional themes. Pogo website features slots game like sci-fi and showbiz themes for free.

Like several websites, Pogo requires you to register first to enjoy the hundreds of casino games like poker and bingo that are free of charge. However, many of the free slots games featured in this site are good for a single player only. 

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