Frequently Asked Questions

Wed, 28 May 2008 00:13

Frequently asked questions

The most important questions and answers for using this website


1) Does everything on ixgames cost?

All information are free to use on a personal level,you can also find free training games for blackjack and video poker. Signup for a play for fun account at a poker room and you can play for free as long as you like. Discuss all sides of gambling on our gambling forum for free

2) How can i win big jackpots?

Most casinos have progressive jackpots especially for slot machines and they are a perfect way of trying your luck and get a chance in winning up to 7 figures jackpots thats (+$1,000,000)

3) Can I be 100% sure my winnings will be paid out to me?

We only list solid and safe websites that pays out winnings and jackpots to players, you can be 100% sure a won jackpot, freeroll or scheduled poker tournament will be paid out as soon as possible to the winner. This also goes for every other player in the payout structure in any kind of game

4) How can I be a successful player whether its poker, blackjack or roulette?

The only sure thing we can say to be a successful players is to know your game. The more you know whether its poker or sport gets you a much better chance in winning or achieve a positive account saldo

5) Why should I bookmark ixgames?

We list only safe and approved web sites, but thats not all, we also present the best bonus and exclusive deals in the world for poker, casino, sport and bingo sites.

6) Where can i find free poker tables?

Most poker rooms have a training area where you can play against computers and real players. This section was just updated with free poker software and training sites

7) Where can i meet and discuss poker, casino and sport with others?

Ixgames forum is a perfect place to discuss gambling - bingo - casino - poker and sportsbook. Best of all its free, just register, activate your account, login and start discussing

8) What does it cost to open a real money account?

It doesnt cost anything at all. You can open up a real money account, it first costs when you play with your real money account after you have made a deposit.

9) Which payment solutions are the most common online?

Most bingo casino poker and sport sites accepts Credit and debit cards, NETeller , firepay or epassporte along with wire transfers, bank drafts etc. You can also have a look at our article regarding payment solutions.

10) I think i play too much what should I do?

Please visit Gamblers Anonymous for help and advice

11) Im a webmaster and wants to buy a link on, how do I do that?

Sorry but we do not sell links to other sites in our network of gambling sites.

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If you are new at online gambling entertainment, the first thing to do is read the frequently asked questions pages. If you want to know more about casino and games you should read the casino faq. If online poker sounds interesting head over to the online poker faq. Looking to know more about online bingo then check out the online bingo faq. Want to start betting on sportbooks? Then we got the intellectual solution for you at online sportsbetting faq. Reading an FAQ page will give you the basic knowledge to online gambling whether it's casino games, poker, bingo or sportbooks.

If you still have unsolved matters please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible