Futures and Props

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:27

Futures and Props

Futures bets and proposition bets explained.

The moves and actions in our favorite sports events are so intense and exhilarating that sometimes, watching them is not enough. The belief that our team will emerge as the victor in a particular game is so strong that we are even willing to put bets on the line. Well, this is actually what online sports betting is all about. It gives you a way to unleash your passion for sports and let you profit from it. This way, you are not just a mere spectator -- you are already part of the game.

In online sports betting, there are various ways to prove to the other wagers that your bet can crush its competitors. While some bettors base their picks on simple preference, there are others who count on their instincts. It cannot be denied that these factors are enough drive for sports fan to come up with creative betting types.

Some came up with a type of bet that is not entirely related to a game's outcome. In the glossary of on-line sportsbooks, this is often referred to as proposition betting. There are also eager bettors who take their chances with the future by putting the money on the table even before an event starts. You call this futures betting.

Futures Bets Explained

Bettors who are try to predict and bet on a sports event outcome even before it starts are involved in futures betting. This type of betting is easy to understand and jump into. However, it is quite difficult to arrive at a decision of which team deserves your precious dollars most.

To join in the fun of futures betting, all you have to do is pick a team or athlete who you think will emerge as the winner in a single sports event or game. Show your interest in betting on your favorite side by registering at any online sports betting website. There, you will have the option to place a bet on the most likely winner in the NBA, NFL, World Cup finals, or any other prestigious sports event.

The payout in futures is determined by the number of teams and the players involved in the betting. To make it simple, if you bet on everybody's favorite pick, then the payout will be very little in case that particular team won. Meanwhile, if you bet on an underdog team and it won, there will be a bigger payout for you simply because not many people get to partake from the prize pot.

Proposition Bets Explained
This type of bet is a fun way to gamble. Proposition bets, also called props, are unique bets made on outcomes or propositions. In online sports betting, an example of a proposition bet goes like this: "What will be Kobe Bryant's total score in Laker's next game? Odd: 0-5; 6-10; 11-15; 16-20; 21-25; 26-30; 31-40; 40+"?

Another example of a proposition bet, this time outside sports, was the so-called "breast bet" won by poker player Brian Zembric. In this props, he accepted the challenge of having breasts implant for a whopping wager amounting to $100,000.