Garry Bush

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:24

Garry Bush

A poker biography of Garry Bush.

Quick Information

Name - Garry Bush

Born - 1969, London, England, United Kingdom

Poker Room - Not Available


The man may seem to have sober looks, but don't be fooled by what you see outside. Sit beside Garry Bush, and soon you will realize that this player also has a lighter side. As a matter of fact, he is christened in the poker world as "the Whacker" because he is said to whack the hell out of his opponents in terms of humor and money. Some poker players may not agree to this, but the audience who has been impressed by Bush's performance on the poker table can attest to his amazing gameplay and to the way he oftentimes carries his game -- with poise, composure, and attitude, which are all important in the poker world.

Since the blooming of his poker career in 2000, Bush has been a part of the finish line list where he always takes home huge winnings. In fact, he finished 5th place with £500 in the renowned Great Britain Poker Events and took home £600 for winning 3rd place in the Irish Open No Limit Hold'em. He also bagged £13,455 during the Pot Limit 7-card stud championship, where he defeated the famous personalities such as Simon Trumper and Willie Tann. Aside from these players, Bush also got to rub elbows and play with other world-acclaimed poker stars such as Tony Bloom, Peter Costa, and Dave Welch.

A year after his breakthrough in the realm of poker, in 2001, Bush continued to win in other poker events like the Great Britain Hold'em Championship in Birmingham, where he played with Lucy Rokach and Liam Flood, two of the world's best poker players. He also won in the Austrian Classics Limit Hold'em event in Vienna, and finished the season with three poker tounaments wins which include the Limit 7-card Stud tourney in Helsinki, the Limit Hold'em open in Moscow, and the Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

But among the years that he has spent playing, the year 2002 could be said to be the highlight of Bush's career in poker. For starters, Bush became the recipient of the prestigious European Player of the Year award. He also made it on the Late Night Poker where he began an exciting game and raised, in spite of his pair of 6, thus forcing other opponents to give up their higher cards and bagging the fifth place. What's more, Bush won in three more poker events, including first place in the St. Petersburg Pot Limit Hold'em tournament.

The string of success for Bush continued until 2005, and by that time, he has won more than $700,000, all in all. Though these winnings are deemed important for his family and significant for his career growth in poker, Bush believes that poker is not a game that people must always take seriously. For him, more than going crazy over new strategies and gameplays or looking out for the next big thing in the poker realm, the players themselves must enjoy what they are doing to be able to have a good and exciting time.