Gary Berland

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Gary Berland

A poker biography of Gary Berland.

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Name - Gary Berland

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Gary "Bones" Berland exemplifies the true character of a real winner. Although he lost a few times in several events and tournaments and sometimes only lands at second place, he always gave his heart out for every game he played.

His stunning performances have earned him five World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and thousands of dollars. But his great character is what sets hims apart from other professional poker players. Although he did not always win the first prize, Berland continued to give his best shot in every game that he participated in. His superior game records really certify that he is a real champion in the amazing world of poker.

Life Before Poker

Berland tried to make his studies his life before he became a professional poker player. His life as a college student in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) was really serious. However, poker got in his way and he eventually gave up college for it.

Before becoming a player, Berland experienced working as a poker dealer in several local poker competitions but he did not enjoy it. A long time after that, he professionally started his poker career.

Poker History

Growing up in California, Berland basically played bowling and pool. When his whole family transferred to Las Vegas in his college year, he dedicated his whole time on his studies, but poker has been really trying to shift his attention away from school. His exemplary skills in math have benefited him in tough poker games across Las Vegas.

His participation in the 1977 WSOP marked his promising career as a professional poker. During the 1977 event, he won the $500 Seven Card Ruzz tournament, but he only landed at second place after Doyle Brunson bagged the first prize in the No Limit Hold'em main event.

This event with Brunson was one of the major highlights of Bones Berland's poker career.

Aside from these, Berland also won in two WSOP events in 1978: the $500 Seven Card Stud and the $1,000 Seven Card Ruzz. His total earnings for these two events amounted to more than $36,000.

The succeeding year, Berland also won two Seven Card Stud tournaments. His records of good games made him part of the few world class poker professionals. Furthermore, Berland continued to play in the different WSOP events from 1977 until 1986 when he died because of blood disorder.

From the time Berland joined the WSOP tournaments, he has earned a total amount of $200, 000.

Gary, who is popularly known as "Bones", has lived a shorter life compared to his contemporaries. However, he was able to make remarkable achievements in the world of poker.

Of all the things that made Berland different from other professional poker players, his determination and positive attitude made him stand out. These are also the same things that made him achieved professional success. His loses did not affect his attitude towards winning. Yet, every time he fall, he made sure that he rise with a better attitude and confidence.