Gavin Griffin

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:26

Gavin Griffin

A poker biography of Gavin Griffin.

Quick Information

Name - Gavin Griffin

Born - August 28th 14th 1981, Darien, Illinois, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


A Speech Pathology student for four years at Texas Christian University, Gavin Griffin is considered the youngest player to ever win a World Series Of Poker tourney bracelet back in 2004. Born in Darien, Illinois on August 28, 1981, Griffin worked first as a poker dealer before being a professional poker player. He shot into stardom on May 14, 2004, when he won a WSOP gold bracelet for the $3,000 Pot-Limit Texas Hold'em. It would be safe to say that he became the youngest player ever to win a tourney as he was only 22 years old at that time. Winning over more than 300 players, most of them respected and seasoned poker game veterans, Gavin Griffin outplayed them all. In the end he was left to face off against Gary Bush in a heads-up play. Despite the odds and the uncertain looks from other players, Gavin Griffin triumphed and pocketed a whopping amount of $270,420 in prize money.

Once, Gavin Griffin was asked on the status of younger poker players and their chances of winning big prizes in a tournament. The young player was said to have replied that putting in dedication and a heavy load of regular practice could increase the player's chances of winning, despite their youthful age. Gavin Griffin cites that he, just like the many newbie poker players who want to make it big, put in a staggering amount of hours practicing different poker strategies online. Gavin believes that by continuous practice, any player can build experience at an incredible and fast rate. The number of players competing online could provide practice and help sharpen wits and strategies. There are many poker rooms to choose from, and these players can also play face to face with competitors to improve their game. Gavin Griffin then said that the amount of practice spent makes younger players better and more adept in holding ground against older and seasoned poker enthusiasts. This rule, of course, also applies to older players, as poker is a game where the best and most practiced can win.

Surprisingly, despite his victory and popularity, Gavin Griffin still maintains an air of practicality and humility that is quite uncharacteristic for poker players his age. For someone that young, he displays tact and maturity that is evident in his interviews and comments. During one time where he was asked to give advice to neophytes in the poker world, Gavin Griffin was quoted to have said that he does not consider himself qualified to give out any advice, especially to the beginners. However, he said that poker players should play within their bankroll, but they must also allow themselves to grow. A player must know when to take a shot with a higher game, but he or she shouldn't worry too much about being able to play the biggest room. They should instead worry about entering a game that will give him a great earning potential.

After his initial win last 2004, Gavin Griffin won a bracelet at the $1,500 Limit Hold'em in the WSOP event in 2005, and later on he got two bracelets at the WSOP events in 2006 for the No-Limit Hold'em Shootout and the No-Limit Hold'em Short-handed table, respectively.