Greg Fossilman Raymer

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:16

Greg Fossilman Raymer

A poker biography of Greg Fossilman Raymer.

Quick Information

Name - Greg "Fossilman" Raymer

Born - 1964, Minot, North Dakota, United States

Poker Room -

For Greg Raymer, poker is most similar to a painting for both, he considers art in their truest forms. However, Raymer's passion for art has been more successful in the gambling world of poker, where he is also known as the mysterious man behind the weird holographic glasses. But little do other poker enthusiasts may realize that he actually uses this eccentric personality to his advantage and if there's one thing even his critics would admire most about him, it is his undeniable courage. Greg Raymer is never too afraid to raise the stakes of his own game and with him around, poker could never be such a dull experience.

Born in 1964 at Minot, North Dakota, Gregory Paul Raymer earned his famous nick as the "Fossilman" from being an avid fossil collector. Often, he would display his fossil collections as good card protectors. But aside from mere fascination of these precious pieces, fossils also played a more significant role in his career. In his early beginnings as a poker enthusiast, he would sell his collection to other gamblers and for years, they have been sources of his bankroll until he won and earned from different series and titles. However, what is most surprising about the "Fossilman" is how he was able to veer from his job as a patent lawyer to be a professional poker player. Call it fate or just another weird preference, still, Greg Raymer has never ceased to always be daring and bold even with his unpredictable choices on the poker table.

Before Greg Raymer became a formidable figure in poker tournaments, he first worked as an attorney for a pharmaceutical company. It was then that he got the chance to play in the famous Foxwoods Resort Casino. Soon enough, this hobby turned into an interest and later into a profitable career.

With a major in Chemistry and a law degree from University of Minnesota Law School, no one would have dared predicted that this Kappa Sigma fraternity member would eventually rise among the ranks of famous poker players. In fact, his first approach on poker is one that is highly defined and inspired by what he's read in a lot of different books. From nickel and dimes in college, Raymer practiced a good deal of his poker expertise in various tournaments.

In the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Raymer had a successful finish in money for the 2001 event for the $ 1, 500 Omaha Hi - L o Split 8 challenge. Despite his aggressive poker skills, Raymer still had a tough time making it to the final table. In 2003, he even had to invest $10,000 out of his personal funds just to qualify for the 2003 WSOP tournament. But it was in 2004 that he claimed a triumphant feat after securing a seat for the $160 Double Shootout event at Pokerstars, where he emerged at the top spot among 2,575 entrants. He also won over David Williams to grab an amazing first prize of $5,000,000 for the $10,000 No Limit Texas Hold 'Em at WSOP main event. It was one of the biggest pools in the record of poker history, which earned him the respect even of his critics who earlier doubted his chances for winning.

Raymer has also appeared in different live tournaments and Poker Stars main events, while his massive winnings now exceed $5, 700,000 based on the latest tally.