Gus Hansen

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:18

Gus Hansen

A poker biography of Gus Hansen.

Quick Information

Name - Gus Hansen

Born - February 13th 1973, Copenhagen, Denmark

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker

To win over stiff poker games with hundreds of opponents is the so-called supremacy in being a poker top winner. Together with having aggressive and frivolous traits, a poker player can definitely reach the the summit of a poker match, and be the declared champion. However, for some players, winning is more about talent and skills. Winning is all about knowing the poker game in all angles. Such is the case of the well-renowned professional poker player Gus Hansen.

Known as the 'The Great Dane', Hansen literally rocks the poker tables with his incredible skills and talent in maneuvering the poker games. When all poker players would be afraid to take risks, Hansen plays with risks freely. His winning character is dubbed as reckless by some, but being carefree at the poker matches has brought all the fame and fortune to Hansen. Not only that, but the Dane poker legend is being tagged as a sex symbol in the arena poker gaming as well.

Hansen is known as being good at anticipating what his opponents' next move will be. He seems to know how to calculate his opponents' defenses, making this skill work for him completely. Thus, Hansen is a force to be reckoned with in poker tournaments. But before playing poker professionally, Hansen used to be a top-notch player in backgammon. Much of the success of Hansen in the field of poker he attributes to his backgammon skills. The discipline Hansen mastered in backgammon is the same discipline he applies in playing poker. In poker matches, Hansen plays from his opponents' point of view, making the games even more interesting for him. Hansen lives with the idea that poker is not about the cards, rather poker is about playing with other poker players. While great skills in poker is important, studying a particular position against the opponents is also a poker strategy that should be a priority. Victory is always guaranteed for those players who know how to study the poker game carefully.

The first season of the World Poker Tour (WPT) saw the immense magnificence of Hansen in the games. The Bellagio and Commerce Casinos witnessed the winning moments of Hansen at the poker tables, winning in both casino tournaments. During the next season of the WPT event, Hansen made a splashing wins both the Bad Boys of Poker WPT match and PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure. So far, Hansen has been declared as the first place winner in four big casino events. Winning seems to be a blueprint of this Denmark native, who learned to use the English language by constantly listening to the music of Pink Floyd. Needless to say, Hansen has proved to the world that he is indeed a supreme player.

Hansen has clearly made an impact in the industry of poker. The hand prints of Hansen can be seen in the Walk of Fame of WPT as a recognition for his contribution in poker. Hansen has recently launched the multiple-table online poker site called