Hasan Habib

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:23

Hasan Habib

A poker biography of Hasan Habib.

Quick Information

Name - Hasan Habib

Born - 1962, Karachi, Pakistan

Poker Room - Not Available


Being a champion entails many different meanings, but for the professional poker player Hasan Habib, a champion means relaxing through the game. Moreover, Habib puts an emphasis that a champion should know that being open-minded in a poker game is essential. Aside from being open-minded, a poker player knows how to be fearless. Habib definitely knows what he is talking about because he is a poker champion himself.

At age 14, Habib was already a Pakistan tennis champion. No wonder he has the winning determination of a champion. Then, this Pakistan-born poker player became a United States immigrant in 1980. While Habib was still a University of Redlands college student, he was also managing his own video stores. Although being a student and a businessman took most of his time, Habib continually improved on his poker skills. During the latter part of the 90's, with the encouragement of his friends, Habib entered the poker industry as a professional poker player. His very first tournament game was held in a small-town casino located outside the city of Las Vegas. In this poker competition, Habib had a total of 80 opponents and he emerged as the top winner that night. The following week, Habib returned to the poker tables and won the top place again. From then on, Habib has joined in numerous poker tournaments. However, the year 2000 was very significant for Habib because he was able to make it to the final rounds of the three biggest world poker matches -- World Series of Poker, Tournament of Champions, and World Poker Open. In the World Series event, Habib played against famous poker players like T.J. Cloutier and Chris Ferguson. But in 2004, Habib made it as the top winner for the 2004 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Eight-or-Better game. Winning against a total of 212 players, Habib took home a hefty amount and the poker gold bracelet. The poker gold bracelet has been a lifetime goal for Habib, considering the prestige of the bracelet brings.

Though Habib used to play mostly in cash games, the rush he feels in winning the tournaments is what makes him keep coming back to poker events. In the previous years, Habib is known to make three raises in a poker round. But now, Habib has become a little conservative by not making many raises in one round. At the same time, Habib sees to it that he is completely relaxed right before playing in poker games. He values a relaxed mind and body in winning the poker matches. A pleasant night sleep will result in a well-rested body that is vital for a competition.

Habib considers playing poker as a tough way of making a good living. He juggles his time between his two homes in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Downey, California. Apart from frequenting poker matches and winning money, Habib is engaged in his real estate business. Winning in poker may be tough for Habib, but the pride in winning is what matters most.